A Day in Addison With Your Dog

Enjoy the many amenities Addison has to offer for you and your dog
Enjoy the many amenities Addison has to offer for you and your dog

Dogs are our best friends. But unlike other humans, it’s not always easy to spend good quality time with our furry friends – you can’t take Princess to the movies or happy hour, so sometimes she can feel neglected. This week, take some time to schedule a one-on-one date with your dog by taking her for a day on the town in Addison. Spend time with your dog, pamper her, treat her, and show her how much you love her, all while taking advantage of the many dog-friendly places in town.

Start your doggie-owner date by getting some fresh air at one of Addison’s dog parks, or leave your dog on a leash and walk her around any of Addison’s parks. Before you go, make sure you call the new Addison dog park hotline (972-450-8851) to check if the park is open. The hotline connects to a recorded message maintained by the Parks Department to help save you a trip if the park is closed due to heavy rain.

“Addison residents love their dogs, and the Town works diligently to accommodate the recreational needs of dog owners,” said Mary Rosenbleeth, director of public communications for the Town of Addison. “The Town currently has two small fence-enclosed dog parks where dogs are allowed to run off-leash. The special dog parks are a big hit with dog-owning residents and even draw dog owners from neighboring cities. The dog parks also provide a place for people to meet their neighbors and socialize, and the residents themselves police the rules and the dogs’ behavior.”

One option is to take Fluffy to the Redding Trail Dog Park, which is located at 14677 Midway Road. This small park is split into one section for large dogs and one for small ones, with both sections having drinking fountains for dogs and people, benches and double-gated entries. Spruill Park in Addison Circle is also being renovated to include a dog park in part of the existing open space.

After your dog is completely worn out from the long walk in the park – and running and panting and fetching and whatever other adventures he gets into – he will probably need a bath. The easiest way to treat Spot is by taking him to get cleaned and pampered at Citydog! Club. According to their website, regular grooming helps dogs feel better and act happier, friendlier and more energetic.

His spa day will start off with an invigorating HydroSurge bath and moisturizing rinse, which penetrates the dog’s coat and brings oxygen to the skin leaving your dog healthier than ever before. Afterward, he can get a heat-free hand blow out and brush – seriously, who doesn’t love a good blowout? Next, a nail trim and grind, gentle ear cleaning and deodorizing, ear hair removal, gland express and spritz. For an extra treat at the end, each dog receives a Citydog! Club bandana and complimentary organic treat. Make your appointment in advance, to make sure your dog can get cleaned after his day of play.

Now that Daisy is all groomed and pretty, take her for the final treat of the day – dinner out with her favorite owner! Sit on the patio with your dog on a leash at Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar for a unique dining experience that is shared by human and pet. The dog menu includes a complimentary bowl of water, and entrée options include a grilled hamburger patty and brown rice, grilled chicken and brown rice, or just plain brown rice (there is a much more expansive food and drink menu for adults, don’t worry!). As long as your dog doesn’t beg, bark or bite, stays on the ground, eats out of her own bowl, and is kept on a leash the entire time, you can relax and enjoy this rare date night opportunity.

Although they don’t all have doggie menus, there are menu other restaurants in Addison that allows dogs to sit on their outdoor patio while their humans eat. Some of these places include the Londoner, Blue Mesa and Café Brazil. Afterwards, satisfy (you and your dog’s) sweet tooth by going to Starbucks and ordering a Puppaccino. This cold drink comes in an espresso cup, and consists entirely of sweet whipped cream.

At the end of your date day, bring Fido home to relax in the living room and watch some TV – Netflix and Chill, pet version. Your dog will be so happy that you spent an entire day with him, that he is sure to behave a little better around the house the next few days. And you will have a newfound love and appreciation for your pet after spending much-needed bonding time together. Dogs are our best friends because they are extremely loyal and very easy to please, so put in a little work and you will reap unlimited rewards.

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