Traveling Safe During the Holidays

Keep yourself and your belongings safe
Keep yourself and your belongings safe

It’s no secret that traveling comes with its own unique baggage, and as the holidays approach, our itch to travel grows. The desire to be near family, to celebrate with friends, or to simply escape the weather in the Corridor, will be high. But don’t forget to remain vigilant about safety.

Secure Your Belongings  

First and foremost, keep your belongings secure with a TSA approved padlock. You never know when security is going to check your bag, and the last thing you need is a damaged lock or your clothes strewn about the baggage claim carousel.

But it’s not always the belongings tucked safely away in a suitcase that you need to worry about; remember to secure your cash and credit cards as well. Depending on where you’re traveling, and how much you’ll be exploring your surroundings, you may consider a good old fashioned fanny pack. Silly as they may appear, having your money kept close to your person is safest. On the same note, try not to flash your valuables when out in public if you’ve taken them along.

Be Smart on Social Media

Snapchatting, tweeting, or Instagram posting your whereabouts does not always end well. No doubt you’ll want to show the wonderful adventure you have embarked on, but be smart about how and with whom this information is shared. Set your social media accounts to private, and refrain from posting your every move in real time.

Share Your Itinerary 

We all want to unplug on vacation, and it’s certainly understandable to leave technology behind when spending time with family, but always remember to leave an itinerary and emergency contact with a trusted friend or family member. This way, if you don’t show up to your scheduled destination, they know who to call.

Please keep these tips in mind while prepping year-end travel plans. We want your trips to be memorable, for all of the right reasons.


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