Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Yoyo, photo courtesy of Operation Kindness
Yoyo, photo courtesy of Operation Kindness

Nothing is sweeter than the feeling of a puppy kissing your face, the sound of a “welcome home” greeting of happy barking, and the experience of caring for your dog throughout the rest of his or her life. If you’ve been thinking of getting your first dog, or growing your family by adding another dog, then this fall is the perfect time to do so, especially since October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! We spoke with Lynn Handley, director of marketing for Operation Kindness, about why you should adopt a dog and what dogs they have available right now.

“Some people assume if a dog is in a shelter, there must be something wrong with it,” said Handley. “This is just not true! Many of the dogs that end up in shelters are there simply because their human owners have been ignorant, cruel, lazy, irresponsible and neglectful. There are wonderful benefits from adopting a shelter dog.”

Taffeta, photo courtesy of Operation Kindness
Taffeta, photo courtesy of Operation Kindness

One of those benefits is saving the life of the dog you adopt, plus making room for Operation Kindness to save another dog. “Rescued dogs know you saved them and will respond with gratitude, loyalty and love.”

Another benefit is a sense of fulfillment watching the life you’ve saved blossom and flourish under your love and care. Also, you will enjoy an improved quality of life because you’re new best friend will give you unconditional love, reduce your stress and improve your health.

Operation Kindness has many dogs available to adopt right now. Rita, a three-year old terrier mix, is one of them. “Can you imagine the pain of having kidney stones the size of a river rock?” said Handley. “That’s what little Rita was enduring when a good Samaritan found her and brought her to Operation Kindness. One surgery later, plus medicine and loving care, Rita is fully recovered. She is now energetic, enjoying walks and kisses with our staff and volunteers while she awaits adoption.”

Rita, photo courtesy of Operation Kindness
Rita, photo courtesy of Operation Kindness

Yoyo is also available. He is a one-year old retriever, labrador, Alaskan husky mix with a great personality. “He’s very friendly, playful and alert, and he loves walks with humans and hanging out outside,” explained Handley.

Taffeta is also awaiting a permanent home. She is a beautiful two-year old brindle terrier/ pit bull mix. “She’s quite the athlete and loves to run, jump and chase the toys you throw for her,” said Handley. “She’s very intelligent and already knows key commands like ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘shake’, and ‘come’ when called. With some training, Taffeta could be an agility champion. Her ideal home is where she can be the center of your attention, so having no small kids or other pets is best.”

If you have never considered a pet before, think about the joy it could bring you to save an animal. If you have been seriously thinking about adopting a dog (or a cat) then now is the time to do so. Every day you bring a dog home, the shelter can rescue a new one, so don’t delay. Your new best friend is waiting for you!

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