Is Your Office in Good Hands?

Lisa Schnitzer founder of In Good Hands, photo courtesy of In Good Hands
Lisa Schnitzer founder of In Good Hands, photo courtesy of In Good Hands

Imagine working in an office where chaos reigns over every square inch of the space, where tasks that should be done quickly and efficiently take twice as much time simply because you can’t find the materials or tools that you need to get your work done. It can be frustrating, overwhelming and cause unnecessary extra work. But what can you do? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Enter the creative mind of Lisa Schnitzer and her Corridor-based company In Good Hands. With over 25 years of office administration experience, from managing a litigation law firm to office management for several large companies and a large tech startup, Schnitzer has found a way to use her creativity to help businesses get their spaces organized and create a better work environment. I had an opportunity to chat with Schnitzer about In Good Hands and some of her other projects.

Schinitzer explains her approach to a project much like an artist. “I’m a great rule follower for how processes should go, but I’m a rule breaker and like thinking outside the box when it comes to how to get there.”

This has given her the freedom to be able to work with businesses of all sizes. One day, she may be working in a large office as an extra hand to get paperwork done or helping manage a project, and the next day she may be working with a new business out of a home.

“Every project, every job is different; there are no two identical jobs and I love that. I can walk into an office space and visualize what the client needs in order to be productive, from simply rearranging where things are to more complex solutions.”

But In Good Hands is not just about office organization and making working spaces more productive, Schnitzer’s talents and passion for helping businesses have moved her to create Dallas Divorce Navigators (DDN), a group of non-legal consultants that help people navigate through divorce. It consists of a family law litigation consultant, a realtor, a divorce lending professional and Schnitzer. Much like In Good Hands, DDN will help people going through a divorce get organized and help them get through the logistics.

In Good Hands is a woman-owned business, and one of Schnitzer’s goals has been to help other woman-owned businesses grow. She has been able to help different women get their Women Owned Business Certification, a prestigious certification that helps these businesses network and bring consumer recognition.

Schnitzer and her company have been able to find a way to be creative in an environment where creative do not usually work, and she is using her talents to help others grow.

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