Derek Davidson: PICKUP Instant Delivery Good Guy

Derek Davidson, photo courtesy of PICKUP
Derek Davidson, photo courtesy of PICKUP

Derek Davidson loves flying and helping people. Some days, he is just your average Good Guy who enjoys driving a PICKUP Instant Delivery truck, moving oversized furniture and putting desks together. Other days, he works as the managing supervisor for the pilot ground school for the airbus fleet of American Airlines, where he has 50 pilot instructors that work under him. Every day he is a living example to all of us that working hard to achieve your dreams is possible.

Growing up in Cleburne, TX, Davidson had one dream—to fly for the U.S. Air Force—but people always told Davidson that it would never happen. However, a 20-year career in the Air Force proved all naysayers wrong. During his time in the Air Force, Davidson flew presidential support for President George W. Bush; and he also flew Laura Bush, the Bush twins, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Cheney and several four star generals.
“We learned in the military ‘service before self, excellence in all we do,'” said Davidson. “That means a lot to me. It always feels good to me to be able to help someone because there is a lot going on in this world and in this country – and to be able to help someone just means something to me.”
Davidson loves traveling and has already flown to 72 countries in his lifetime. He also loves kids, which is why he volunteers at schools and speaks to kids about achieving their dreams, no matter where they come from or what anybody else says. He is also currently writing a book on the same topic.
For the past year, Davidson has been working as a Good Guy driver for PICKUP. He said that he fell in love with the company after seeing a commercial about how PICKUP serves the community and provides great jobs to veterans. Davidson himself has called a friend in the past to borrow a pickup truck, so he loves that he can help people who don’t have friends willing to help. His favorite memory of being a Good Guy is when he and a friend delivered a dresser for a single mom. She asked if they could put together a bed for her child to sleep that night, and they immediately got their tools and were able to help out.
“It’s not just somebody in a truck picking up something to move,” explained Davidson. “It is a good guy that is there to help you move something in your home, put something together, help you with something heavy and be someone that you can trust. Nowadays, we live in a very turbulent world, so it’s hard to find people you can trust. There are other companies out there who don’t do the extensive background checks that PICKUP drivers go through. So it’s important to know you are working with someone who is trustworthy.”
PICKUP was founded in Addison two years ago by Brenda Stoner, and tries to hire local good guys including veterans and off duty police officers and firefighters. These Good Guys will help you move almost anything you want that fits safely in the back of a PICKUP truck, at any time of the day. All you have to do is use the PICKUP mobile app, go online or call to schedule a pickup up location and drop off, and a Good Guy will come as soon as he is available. With Davidson delivering your furniture, or any one of the other awesome Good Guys, you can trust that your belongings are in good hands.

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