PICKUP Graduates from the Addison TreeHouse

PICKUP at a recent trade show. Photo courtesy of PICKUP.
PICKUP at a recent trade show. Photo courtesy of PICKUP.

PICKUP has successfully graduated from the Addison TreeHouse, after being there since April 2015. They were hiring more employees, making more revenue and just physically grew out of the space. “It was time for them to move into their own office and have their own business presence, and it’s extremely exciting for everyone!” said Shelley Widom, director of the Addison TreeHouse.

Widom explained that the Addison Economic Development & Tourism Department partnered with the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) to open the TreeHouse in order to help boost economic development in Addison. They thought that if they are able to help foster these startups at their beginning stages while in Addison at the TreeHouse, then when it was time for them to move into their own space, they would want to stay in Addison, thus boosting economic development.

“The TreeHouse is happy because the reason we exist is to help startups and entrepreneurs be successful,” continued Widom. “PICKUP was at the TreeHouse for a year and utilized all the resources the TreeHouse offers – space, education, mentoring, community and more. Their constant hard work and dedication helped get them to this point of expansion. And PICKUP obviously has the best reason to celebrate – they have more employees, more revenue and more growth! It’s a win-win-win all around!”

PICKUP was launched in 2014, when Brenda Stoner, founder and CEO of PICKUP, was trying to move stuff across town and could not fit everything in her car. She decided that the world needed an on-demand pickup and delivery service. The drivers of these trucks will be local “good guys,” like off duty fireman and veterans – people you can trust.

Although PICKUP won’t be at the TreeHouse anymore, they will still be headquartered in Addison – ready and available to help you move anytime you need!

The TreeHouse, while sad to see PICKUP go, is thrilled that they have successfully gotten to this point in their business, and we can’t wait to see what their very bright future holds for them.

A helping hand (er, truck) when you need it, and a chance to see off duty fireman? No wonder they are seeing such fast growth!

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