Marc Toussaint: For the Love of Music

Photo courtesy of Marc Toussaint.
Photo courtesy of Marc Toussaint.

If you’ve had the chance to visit Table 13 in Addison for dinner, you have been privileged to listen to some great local performers. Table 13’s late 60s feel is the perfect setting to enjoy a great meal and listen to some great music. There’s a baby grand on stage and live music every night. The music of that era is well represented with some of the city’s best talent playing jazz, swing and standards.

One of Table 13’s regulars is Marc Toussaint. A Dallas native, Toussaint discovered jazz at the age of ten while digging through a storage building sale. It was there that he bought some records, “Mostly because of their cool jacket photos.” In that first purchase, there were some great albums by Mel Tormé, Cannonball Adderly, Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Gary Puckett; but thanks to those “cool jacket photos,” he was hooked.

Growing up, music was part of his family. He recalls being a hyper kid and getting into trouble at home a lot and consequently getting a time out quite a bit. “When I would get put in time out my mom would constantly play Perry Como records while I was in those time outs, I think that’s how the music got stuck in my psyche,” explains Toussaint.

Toussaint says he never dreamed that all these years later he would be leading his own band and getting to work with so many amazing musicians, not just locally but from around the country.

Talking about Table 13 and how he became a regular there, he told the story of how he and Owner Mike McRae first met. “I’ve known Mike McRae for a long time, and one of my first gigs was at one of his restaurants about 20 years ago. It was an interesting gig, but we became friends. And when he opened Table 13, he contacted me about playing there, and now we play there every Saturday.”

Marc currently has five albums and is working on a new live big band album that he hopes to release soon.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Marc said something that was very inspirational. “Music has been the one thing that has gotten me through the ups and downs of my life. I play for the love of music.” For a lot of us in the music business, those words ring true because it’s not an easy business, but when you do it because you love the music and you love to see how happy people are when they listen to good music, it makes it all worth it.

For more information on Marc, his band, schedule and music visit his website. We wish Marc continued success!

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