Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Amplified with Heather Capps

Heather Capps is the president and CEO of HCK2 Partners. Photo courtesy HCK2 Partners.
Heather Capps is the president and CEO of HCK2 Partners. Photo courtesy HCK2 Partners.

Everyone wants to “Be Seen, be heard, be amplified,” and, luckily, there’s a marketing communications firm with that exact motto. HCK2, located in Vitruvian Park in Addison, promises that their company is “a perfect blend of creative, interactive and public relations,” and the woman in charge, Heather Capps, sets an exceptional example.

Heather Capps was originally HCK2’s first employee in 1998, only to purchase the company six years later in 2004. With over 20 years of marketing and business management experience, Capps continues to grow the firm. Her “passion for building client relationships and creating new opportunities for continued growth through ongoing education and knowledge sharing,” contribute to the success of the company, along with her deep regard for the core values of growth, integrity, charity and balance, all of which happen to be the “flavors” of the HCK2 Kool-Aid.

When it comes to Charity and giving back to the community, HCK2 believes what they do matters as well as why they do it. Capps clearly sets the bar high, promoting this mindset, as a board member for the Nancy Lieberman Foundation, as well as former communications chair and integration chair for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Dallas Chapter.

And while giving back to the community instills a sense of pride and accomplishment – feeding an already thriving company culture – Capps values balance in life, looking to exceed expectations both in work and life outside the office. HCK2 employees reap the benefits of this particular core value through Bowling Day, Rangers Game Day, State Fair Day and so much more.

It certainly takes solid management to create a well-oiled machine, but leading by example truly takes a company to the next level. It’s evident that Capps values the hard work HCK2 employees put forth each day, and she makes sure to reward this diligence and commitment. Her core values and passions help to empower this growing company, and we’re sure to see nothing less than success in the future.

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