WaterTower Theatre Earns 50/50 Applause Award

WaterTower Theatre
WaterTower Theatre has been recognized internationally with a 2015 Applause Award.

Fans of WaterTower Theatre have always known that they were excellent, but now they are being recognized internationally for their outstanding work by women playwrights. WaterTower Theatre has received a 2015 International Centre For Women Playwrights 50/50 Applause Award.

“By receiving the ICWP 50/50 Applause Award, WaterTower Theatre and the other recipients are acknowledged as leaders in the theater industry,” said Elana Gartner, 50/50 Applause Awards Co-Chair. “They demonstrated gender parity in their seasons and for recognizing the value of the stories and perspectives of women playwrights.”

The ICWP awards 50/50 Applause Awards for theatres that produce 50 percent or more women playwrights in the season of shows. They define 50/50 by the number of qualifying performances in a theatre’s season, which shows them the percentage of resources devoted to women playwrights. This year, ICWP announced that they have seen increasingly consistent and diverse recipients for the Applause Awards.

Sixty recipients were honored with the Applause Award this year, representing nine countries including Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. A mix of theatres won–everything from new, small theatres to well-established ones.

According to ICWP, “We are thrilled that one third of the list are repeat recipients who have demonstrated gender parity in two or more seasons, indicating an increased awareness and commitment to women playwrights from the larger theater community.”

The work that WaterTower Theatre, and the other theatres who won this award, are doing with women playwrights is amazing when compared to theatres around the world. ICWP estimates that the average productions of women playwrights continues to remain under 25 percent internationally, and in the United States, women playwrights were being produced 22 percent. In addition, women playwrights are also being cheated out of the best theaters for shows; ICWP says that the size of theater and stage women playwrights are given compared to male counterparts directly affects the ticket price and potential income for the playwright. So the more plays, the bigger the theater, and the more tickets sold translates to more money for women and more plays being written by them.

Keep up the great job supporting women playwrights, WaterTower Theatre! Women in Addison, and worldwide, appreciate what you do.

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