Addison Named Best Place to Start a Business

Night view of Belt Line Road at Business Avenue – Addison was recently named Best Place to Start a new Business in Texas!

No one needs to tell us why Texas is the best state to plant our roots; we have Lone Star sized pride for a reason. Here beneath the vast Texas sky, we grow big hair, big families and big businesses. Chalk it up to southern hospitality, but we’re pretty accommodating when it comes to nurturing big dreams.

According to a recent study by NerdWallet, Walter Ulrich, CEO of Houston Technology Center, a nonprofit technology incubator and accelerator, championed Texas with the greatest business success. But deep in the heart of our beloved state, Addison has been dubbed the number one location to start a business. “The Dallas suburb of Addison is its own incorporated town, and it has the second-highest median annual income in the top 10 ($50,280). It also has the second-highest number of businesses per 100 people (over 26) and a low unemployment rate of 3.9%.” states the article.

We’re proud, without a doubt, but it certainly hasn’t come without an incredible amount of effort. Both the Addison TreeHouse and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center are just a couple of our greatest resources in regards to local business. The Addison TreeHouse “serves entrepreneurs in North Dallas, providing the benefits a vibrant co-working space and the resources of Addison’s Economic Development Department,” while the Dallas Entrepreneur Center provides “a location where [entrepreneurs] can receive training, education, mentorship, promotion and access to capital in order to encourage and equip the entrepreneurial community to start, build and grow their businesses.”

So, after analyzing 220 different cities – each with a population of at least 10,000 – it looks like our hard work has paid off. Our economic health is superb, and NerdWallet says our recipe for success comes down to this: “Texans share a spirit of volunteerism and community, not to mention a strong work ethic.”

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