Email Etiquette in the Business World

Read this before hitting the send button.
Read this before hitting the send button.

Have you ever hit “send” at work and immediately regretted the email? Maybe you misspelled a word or maybe it was too long. We spoke with a North Dallas Corridor expert on the matter of business email etiquette. Joy Weaver filled us in on the dos and don’ts, and why it is such an important topic.

“The first impression we have of people is on email now, not over the phone,” Weaver said. “Having misspelled words or being too chatty has already given the recipient their first impression of you, and it will take a long time to overcome.”

Just what are the main email faux pas? Weaver gave us a list.

  • Answering emails while you are on the telephone with someone else. The person on the phone can hear you typing and can tell you are distracted.
  • Not using spell check before sending the email. Poor spelling is unacceptable.
  • Sending email when you are upset. Wait until the next day – your attitude about the situation will likely change.
  • Forwarding junk mail.
  • Sending long, wordy emails as opposed to brief and concise emails. Your reader will more likely respond to your email if it is shorter.
  • Leaving off the subject line. Give a heads-up on what’s coming down the pike.
  • Replying to all.
  • Using a fancy font that no one can read.

But what is the number one business email faux pas according to Weaver? Not replying back to business email within 24 hours. At least let the sender know you received the email.

“Emails play an important role in our daily lives,” Weaver said. “We need to avoid these faux pas if we want to be effective with our email communication.”

Weaver is nationally recognized etiquette expert and author of Socially Savvy a book highly endorsed by Jean and Zig Ziglar. Protocol Enterprises/Just Ask Joy is based in the North Dallas Corridor and has served clients from youth, women and church organizations, and predominately corporate-America since 2000.

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