MutualMind: Changing the Way Businesses Understand the Social World

MutualMind is a technology company that is helping businesses like American Airlines, Cinemark and Starbucks understand the social media world and how it can positively impact their business. Photo courtesy MutualMind.

It is no surprise that Addison and the North Dallas Corridor is home to some major technology companies in the fast-growing industry. One company that calls Addison home is starting to make splashes across the technology world, attracting the attention and services of companies like American Airlines, Cinemark, AT&T, Walgreens and Kraft. MutualMind has been making waves with its products and services and is getting some well-deserved national attention.

MutualMind is one of Addison’s younger companies; established in 2010 by Babar Bhatti and Nizam Sayeed. Bhatti, a graduate of MIT with a passion for solving problems through the use of technology, and Sayeed, a graduate of Baylor University and award winning software engineer, joined together to create a corporation with a very unique goal. The two gentlemen forged ahead with “a vision of transforming social intelligence for enterprise,” as stated by MutualMind’s website. Recognizing the significant role technology plays in a business environment, MutualMind created a powerful yet easy-to-use social media analytics product to give their clients and business marketers a leg up on the competition.

There is no denying the fact that we live in a fast-paced, digital-based world. Whether you’re willing to conform to social trends or not, it seems as though society leaves you with no choice – they’re moving quickly along with or without you, and if you don’t keep up, you might become lost in the chaos. MutualMind plans to help their clients and encourages “smarter listening.” In fact, the technology company is the first to market with a unique listening approach and command center product. Known for their innovation, excellence and agility, it emboldens customers to not shy away from the trend, but rather, use it to its advantage.

Starting with the simple question, “if business is becoming social, why isn’t business intelligence keeping up?” their products offer comprehensive information to understand, visualize and act on social data. No matter the extent, MutualMind has created a platform to fit each client’s individual needs and their product has already won acclaims by customers and analysts.

If you’re not convinced, perhaps you’ll be more receptive to their fast, real-time approach to data collection, something Eric Swayne, vice president of product and marketing, referred to as “full fire hose access,” in a recent article discussing the partnership between MutualMind and IBM. MutualMind demonstrated how they’ve identified the science behind finding not just any influencer, but the right influencer by teaming up with IBM and utilizing the Watson Personality Insights Tool, which thoroughly examines an influencer’s last 200 tweets then “uses linguistics to figure out how those tweets are indicative of [an influencer’s] personality traits.”

Additionally, in August 2014, MutualMind conducted a study focused on back to school chatter on social media. From Aug. 1 through 25, the technology gurus collected any mention of “Back to School” then delved deeper into the data to learn the who, what and where of the content. The content was dissected in order to inform customers whether mom, dad or teacher made the post, and even went as far as to tag content by the grade of students. Ultimately, they were able to identify how a company was able to use the excitement of back-to-school chatter to their advantage, boosting sales.

Their easy-to-use products can undoubtedly sound intimidating and perhaps a bit overwhelming, but MutualMind has created their products so the heavy lifting is on them. Whether it’s quickly segmented data, visualizations or simply a weekly PDF report, their products make it easy to complete necessary tasks in a short time.

Eric Gore, President of MutualMind, emphasized that this aspect is where the technology company stands out from its competitors. “Our visualization of the social data in real time is very impactful for clients like American Airlines and Cinemark,” says Gore. “The data can be used to drive better customer service or even to understand [in Cinemark’s case] how movies are favored among their audiences.”

Gore also stressed the strength of their social analytics, stating that their command center makes it easy to analyze virtually all major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), even blogs and news sites.

So, what was it about Addison that seemed suitable for MutualMind? It’s easy to believe that Addison appealed to the company as a result of its high energy and high-tech atmosphere, and the fact that “there’s something for everyone.” Addison’s proximity was also attractive, as it served as a central location for those employees commuting from surrounding areas.

In just six years, MutualMind has set the standard for social data collection, and was recently named one of Forbes “5 Most Important New Companies You Need to Know.” Some of the world’s top brands can attest to their hard work and diligence – their client base consists of AT&T, Nestle, Kraft, Starbucks and many more.

So, if you’re not sure social media is controlling the direction of businesses and companies, then you ought to talk to our friends over at MutualMind – the social world is the business world now and you’d better jump on the bandwagon before you get left behind. And if you’re not sure where to begin, MutualMind will make it fast, easy and coherent.

We’re extremely proud to recognize MutualMind Technology Company as part of our community and we’re even more excited to see what the future holds for them.

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