November Adoptable Dogs in the Corridor

There are some adorable dogs you can adopt right now in the North Dallas Corridor. From top left to bottom right:
There are some adorable dogs you can adopt right now in the North Dallas Corridor. From top left to bottom right: Bea, Brody, Dancy, Fancy, Gallant and Lake. Photos courtesy Operation Kindness.

If you’re giving a dog to a niece or nephew or significant other this holiday season, try adopting the furry creature from North Texas’ biggest no-kill animal shelter. Operation Kindness has plenty of dogs looking for a new home before the holiday season that you can adopt right now! Here are six adorable pups that could be your new best friend.


Bea is a 2-month-old shepherd/retriever mix and adorable. To keep her at her best and healthiest, it’s important she exercises quite a bit. So if you have a large backyard, or at least the time to walk and play, Bea is the perfect fit for you.


Brody is an 8-month-old terrier mix who has a lot of energy. Unfortunately, his previous family didn’t have enough time for him, so Brody is looking for a loving family. Brody would be most comfortable in a house because he likes to run and play.

Dancy and Fancy

While these two don’t have to be a package deal, it would be better if they were. They are sisters and closely bonded. Dancy is shy at first, but she’s a sweet dog, who likes to sit at your feet and watch TV with you. Fancy is a little younger, but also a calm dog. Both dance for treats and need a good, relaxing home.

Gallant is 3 years old and a little guarded. He doesn’t love sharing his space or toys with other dogs, but he’s trying to learn. If you have children or other dogs, it would be best to bring them with you to meet Gallant, but he’s probably better off living without children or other dogs in a calm environment.


Lake is only 2 months old and fun, fiesty and friendly. If you are prepared to take on the responsibilities of raising a puppy, Lake is the perfect match for you. He’s a chihuahua/short coat mix and adorable.

Visit Operation Kindness today to meet your perfect companion.

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