Goldin, Peiser and Peiser Wins 2014 Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Accounting Firm

Goldin, Peiser and Peiser was voted the 2014 Readers' Choice Awards winner for Favorite Accounting Firm.
Goldin, Peiser and Peiser was voted the 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards winner for Favorite Accounting Firm.

Once April rolls around each year, it’s the inevitable tax season. And while some may prefer to tackle their taxes head on and by themselves, others might need a little bit of help from an accounting firm. Goldin, Peiser and Peiser won the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Accounting Firm this year. But this Dallas-based firm doesn’t just help with taxes.

Founded by Sidney Goldin, Allan Peiser and John Peiser, the firm’s services include accounting, audit and assurance, IRS representation, wealth management, employee benefit plan audit and more.

“Armed with insight, our CPAs work as your strategic advisors to create a specific plan of action to fit your unique needs,” according to the firm’s website. “We understand more than just the basics of business from a technical standpoint; we take it a step further and look beyond the obvious to help you discover what is not evident.”

Goldin, Peiser and Peiser also goes above and beyond by updating its blog with helpful business tips for clients, businesses or visitors to its site.

But not only did the firm win our readers’ approval, but according to its website, it also has a high approval rating among clients. The firm follows up with clients after various projects and asks them to complete a satisfaction survey.

“• 95 percent of our clients have indicated a high level of satisfaction with our firm.

• 95 percent of our clients feel we meet deadlines and provide service in a timely manner.

• 98 percent of our clients think we exhibit courtesy and professionalism when serving our accounts.

• 97 percent of our clients trust we deploy the appropriate level of technical expertise to complete our engagements in a timely and efficient manner.

• 96 percent of our clients believe we are easily accessible for meetings, phone calls and follow-up.

• 91 percent believe that we stay on top of legislative and economic changes affecting their industry.”

For more information, visit Goldin, Peiser and Peiser’s website.

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