Tips for Combating Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a normal occurrence during a woman's first trimester while pregnant. Even royalty suffers from it!
Morning sickness is a normal occurrence during a woman’s first trimester while pregnant. Even royalty suffers from it!

The lovely Duchess Kate Middleton is pregnant again, some 14 months after giving birth to baby George in July of last year. The royal couple are obviously thrilled but there are reports that the Duchess is suffering a severe case of morning sickness. This is quite common in the early months of pregnancy, but it is not exactly pleasant.

Morning sickness has been linked to increasing estrogen levels during pregnancy. Nausea develops as hormone levels spike in the first month of pregnancy.Nausea can last from the first 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, but there are cases when morning sickness has lasted even longer. Women carrying twins often feel severe morning sickness. Are there royal twins in England’s future, Duchess?

The toughest part about morning sickness is not necessarily the nausea, it is in trying to find a safe way to relieve the queasiness. In the first trimester, a doctor will not usually prescribe medication unless the nausea is causing dehydration or weight loss. That leaves home remedies, which will alleviate but probably not cure morning sickness. Ginger, vitamins B6 and B12 and acupuncture have been proven to give some relief.

It is also recommended that pregnant women eat several small meals a day instead of three large meals. Having an empty stomach can make the nausea worse. Try eating a few crackers in the morning before getting out of bed, staying hydrated throughout the day and getting as much rest as possible at night. There is also evidence to suggest that eating more protein and cutting fatty foods also helps.

Try a few home remedies to see what works best. Morning sickness is a pain (even for royalty) but it is not usually dangerous. Seeing a doctor is not really necessary unless there is pain or fever or if vomiting more than three times a day. If you have any questions about morning sickness or pregnancy you can contact one of the fine doctors in the North Dallas Corridor like the ones at Medical City Dallas.

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