Weather Ready Workout Gear

When getting your workout gear, make sure you pick something functional and fun. Avoid the boring. Photo courtesy Lululemon.
When getting your workout gear, make sure you pick something functional and fun. Avoid the boring. Photo courtesy Lululemon.

No matter the season, workout attire has never been bigger than it is now. So whether you’re jogging in below freezing temperatures or lifting weights while the sun is shining bright, there are several workout gear options that every exerciser should keep in mind.

When you’re working out in the cold, all the materials you wear need to be tailored specifically for enduring the low temperatures. Don’t be afraid to layer up. The key to layering is finding the proper materials. The first layer of workout gear should be able to absorb moisture away from your body. Workout gear labeled Cool Max or Dri Fit from the Gap’s Gap Fit line has an assortment of snug fitting layers. Another layer should be worn to keep warm. Simple pullovers or fleeces will do the trick. Light, synthetic fabrics are best for this warm layer. If you are working out in the rain, snow or sleet then a shell layer is necessary.

Keep in mind that even though the color of the sky may be gray, your gear doesn’t have to be. Colors like blue and pink are a must when your layering up! Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Finish Line and Nordstrom at Galleria Dallas are great places to look for active wear for the cold.

It’s important to remember your sunglasses when outside to avoid conditions like the sun reflecting off the snow or ice, and to prevent your eyes from watering from the cold or wind. Check out the Sunglass Hut and Solstice Sunglass Boutique in Galleria Dallas.

Working out in warm weather or in a gym can be a lot easier because it doesn’t involve layering. Make sure to wear breathable, lightweight materials. Mesh and netting have both become a very popular styles as these details on both tops and shorts because they are little sexy and great to avoid over heating. Match the bright, warm atmosphere with colorful outfits from the likes of Macy’s and Forever 21 at the Shops at Willow Bend and Lululemon at Galleria Dallas.

The workout shoes you should be wearing is very dependent on the weather you are working out in. There are many shoes including the New Balance 110 Boot that is waterproof and great for running. For warm weather, there are many kinds of great active shoes like Asics and Nike, which can all be found at Galleria Galleria Dallas.

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