Four Must-Have Holiday Decor Storage Items

We know you love admiring your beautiful Christmas decorations, but it’s time to put these heartwarming items away. To make your life easier, pick up the following four must-have holiday decor storage items today!

It’s sad to say, but the holiday season is officially behind us now. And though you may get a warm, fuzzy feeling when gazing at the twinkling Christmas tree, you know all the festive décor has to come down sometime.

To help protect precious ornaments and efficiently stow bulky holiday décor, here are four must-have holiday decor storage items you need.

Bubble Wrap and Craft Wrapping Paper

Delicate items, like menorahs, faux fir wreaths, hanging décor, candles or pinecone embellishments, need to be wrapped in a protective layer before being put in a storage box. Just give each item a quick wipe down, wrap in sealed air bubble wrap or crafting paper and place in a storage box to keep the item safe and clean until the holiday season. You can find these must-have holiday decor storage items at Staples and Office Depot.

Clear Storage Containers

In order to efficiently store holiday décor, place the items in a clear storage container to help you organize your collection. You can find a variety of shapes, sizes and styles of clear storage boxes and trays at the Container Store. To get super organized, you can store groups of holiday décor by color, location or theme in separate containers. For instance, store everything on your mantle in one box and all of the faux fir garlands and wreaths in another container.

Divided Storage Box or Tray

Holiday ornaments can truly be cherished works of art. Keep these lovely orbs safe by storing them in a divided box or tray, which can be found at the Container Store. First, make sure to select ornaments of a similar shape and size. Line each space with a square of bubble wrap or felt and wrap each ornament with tissue paper or newspaper. If you get trays, stow them in a storage box when they’re filled.

Plastic Zipper Bags

Clear plastic zipper bags are perfect for lights, ribbons, bows and small holiday knickknacks. These handy bags are easy to find, store and label. Just wrap a strand of holiday lights or ribbon and secure the neatly-wrapped strand with a wire or twine before placing it in a labeled bag. You can even specify where the item belongs for an easy holiday décor session later this year. Stow the labeled bags in a clear plastic bin and you’re done!

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