The Benefits of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is normally thought of in plants, but it has qualities that can help increase health in humans.
Chlorophyll is normally thought of in plants, but it has qualities that can help increase health in humans.

When you think of chlorophyll, plants, photosynthesis and sun come to mind, but it is not just nutrients for plants, but nutrients for humans as well.

Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring molecule that gives a plant its green color and allows a plant to complete photosynthesis, which is the process of converting sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to fuel that allows the plant to live.

This little green molecule has a striking resemblance to red blood cells or hemoglobin, which gives blood its red color and has a similar cell structure to chlorophyll. Because of their similarities, chlorophyll has many beneficial properties for humans and has been noted as a powerful blood cleanser and builder. Furthermore, chlorophyll replenishes blood, increases red blood cell count and oxygenates blood. When it oxygenates blood, it is a very helpful to the human body because bacteria cannot thrive in the presence of oxygen. Therefore chlorophyll is a powerful fighter against diseases and works to keep the body healthy. Chlorophyll also does this by alkalizing blood. An alkaline body also promotes health and strengthens our immune systems.

Detox has become a hot topic among the health world and chlorophyll drives healthy blood flow and oxygenated blood, which consequently cleanses the body of toxic impurities. So if you’re looking for an easy way to detox this is the way to go! Studies have also shown that chlorophyll improves the harmful affects radiation and prevent cancer because it binds to heavy metals and removes from the body.

The list chlorophyll’s benefits goes on and on. It is high in amino acids, helps skin disorders and regulates calcium. You can find it in dark leafy greens like kale, parsley and arugula. Liquid chlorophyll is also a very popular health trend that can be found online and in most health food stores.

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