Step-By-Step Christmas Cleaning Guide

Our step-by-step Christmas cleaning guide will help you get rid of messes like this one.
Our step-by-step Christmas cleaning guide will help you get rid of messes like this one.

Are you in the middle of a Christmas mess right now? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed in the “clean up” department?

There’s no need to worry, as we have a quick step-by-step Christmas cleaning guide to help you get rid of the mess holiday celebrations leave behind.

Step One: Pick Up Wrapping Paper and Debris

So, the first step to cleaning up after your Christmas festivities is to pick up all wrapping paper, boxes and bows left behind by those who are playing with their gifts as you dutifully clean.

Grab two big trash bags before you attempt to clean up the disaster zone. One will be for items that can be recycled—paper, cardboard boxes, soda cans, etc. The other will be for non-recyclable items. There’s no need to pick up every tiny piece of paper stuck in the carpet, as you will clean the floors in a bit.

Step Two: Clear Off All Tables and Flat Surfaces

Now that you’ve picked up most of the bulky mess, now it’s time to clear off all flat surfaces where plates, cups, glasses and beer bottles may still be hiding.

Keep your trash and recycle bags on hand so you can toss the hidden treasures in them as you wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant or cleaner—to remove water rings, spills or crumbs. You can also dust the TV, side tables, shelves and entertainment center.

This would also be the step where you put things back in its place, such as putting up any game consoles, taking any dirty dishes to the kitchen and placing coats or shoes in the mudroom.

Step Three: Take Care of the Kitchen

Start by clearing off the countertops and stove top. Place food in glass or plastic containers and prepare leftover plates for guests to take home.

Wash the dishes (or stick them in the dishwasher) and clean the countertops, stovetop and oven with disinfectant or cleaner—if you wish to do so.

Step Three: Vacuum, Sweep and Mop

Next thing on the agenda is to organize the living room and vacuum, sweep and mop the floors.

Start by fluffing pillows and folding throws, if you have any. Then, if you have carpet, vacuum the living room, stairs (if applicable), entrance and hallway. You may also want to vacuum the sofas—in case any wrapping paper or food crumbs fell in-between the cushions.

If you have wood, natural stone, ceramic or vinyl flooring, sweep first to pick up any trash that may have fallen while cleaning flat surfaces or organizing the area, then mop to give the floors a protective, shiny finish.

Step Four: Relax

You’re finally done cleaning the Christmas mess! Sit down, relax and have a glass of wine, beer or water to enjoy the rest of your day.

You can leave the rest of the cleaning—i.e. bedrooms, if you had guests sleep over; bathrooms; and play or game rooms—for another day.

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