Five Career-Minded New Year’s Resolutions

Try some of these business-minded New Year's resolutions to make the most of your 2014!
Try some of these career-minded New Year’s resolutions to make the most of your 2014!

Today is New Year’s Eve, which means that many of us will ring in 2014 in a couple of hours with family, friends and resolutions in mind. While losing weight is the No. 1 New Year’s resolution, why not switch things up with a business-focused goal for 2014?

Here are five career-minded New Year’s resolutions that are sure to assist in your professional life.

Join a Networking Group

Living or working in the Corridor gives you great access to a multitude of business or networking groups or clubs. Even if you’re already a member of one group, you can always join an additional organization. These valuable groups allow you to mingle with like-minded professionals and develop your professional networking contacts. You’re also bound to learn from long-term career professionals and grow in this environment.  Plus, many of these groups give back to the community, which is an honorable benefit.

With so many clubs to choose from, including the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce or Women of WaterTower Theatre, you’re guaranteed to find an organization that’s perfect for you.

Launch and Conquer a Big Project

Want to impress the head honchos this year? Then it’s time for you to finally propose that big project you’ve thought about for months. Show your boss (or bosses) you’re as clever and smart as you look by planning, pitching and completing that challenge. We know you can do it, and maybe all you needed was a little push—which is exactly why you should set this career-minded New Year’s resolution!

Schedule a Brainstorm and Planning Session Often

If you want to keep things in the office inspired and fresh, make sure you and your team are thinking up new ideas and plans and keeping track of them on a daily or weekly basis. Everybody knows two brains are better than one, so talking business productivity and efficiency is a great way to improve procedures, set achievable goals and grow your business.

Take a Class

We all know there is always room for improvement, so why not challenge yourself—and perk up your resume—with a quick class? Maybe you want to improve your knowledge of a digital program or want to brush up on those Spanish skills you acquired in college. Whatever the subject, you’re sure to find a professional continuing education class that fits the criteria at many local colleges and universities.

Take a Break and Relax

It’s easy to get consumed by your busy work life, but it’s necessary for you to take a break once in a while. If you’re exhausted and tired, it can be difficult for you to come up with new, progressive ideas to help your business and career. In fact, work-related stress can hurt your job performance and even your health.

So, make breaks and vacation time a priority this year to make sure you’re putting your all—with health in mind—at the office.

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