Dayton Mast from L’Image Salon Talks Hot Holiday Party Hairstyles and Tips

Mast says a messy do with a sparkling hair accessory is a hot holiday party hairstyle.
Mast says a messy do with a sparkling hair accessory is a hot holiday party hairstyle.

Do you have a big holiday party coming up? Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your gorgeous locks?

Not to fret, ladies. We reached out to one of the Corridor’s top hair salons to get the skinny on hot holiday party hairstyles.

Below, L’Image Salon Spa and Boutique owner and stylist Dayton Mast, reveals the hottest styles and trends of the season. After reading the following conversation, we’re sure you and your tresses will look amazing come that festive night. Enjoy!

What are this season’s hottest hairstyles for holiday parties and gatherings?

Dayton Mast: The two really hot ones that we’re doing right now. We’re doing a lot of hair pulled back off the face and then over to the side, like a low, messy bun. And also, we’re still doing some braiding, although that was more [in] last year, but we’re still doing a lot of braiding. But the low, messy bun has been really, really good.

People are really liking a lot of really soft curls that’s almost falling out. Like, just really loose, messy curls. There seems to be a real trend towards pulling the hair to the side. So, if you left the hair down, you could do a messy curl and then kind of pin the hair over to one side.

Tell us about the must-know style trends that are taking over this season.

DM: The other big style trend is people are starting to cut their hair off. We’re doing this wonderful, long heavy bang style with the sides and back really short, but the top really heavy and long and swept over. If you’ve seen the new ads for Louis Vuitton with Michelle Williams, that’s the style that we’re starting to do a lot of. It’s very hot. It’s kind of the pixie, which was really hot like six months ago, and now they’re growing the hair out.

What’s a quick but stylish holiday party hairstyle one can fashion in a flash?

DM: I’d say get out the flat iron or the curling iron and put some curl in your hair. Then pull the hair either back at the nape or over to the side with a colored-coated band and wrap some hair around it. Then just pin it up, kind of messy. Keep it kind of soft and messy. You don’t want it to look like you’ve been in the salon and worked on it too long.

What’s the biggest mistake we commit when trying to style our hair at home?

DM: Probably the biggest mistake in styling the hair would be to have it too clean. It’s better to have body and texture in the hair. So I think most of these styles work better with some texture in the hair or even day-old hair works better.

Most people, if they shampoo and blow dry and then try and style it, it’s too limp and slick. So, I would say work with day-old hair. If they have an oily scalp, give it one good shampoo and then put some kind of really good texturing product in the hair, then blow it dry.

The other thing is sometimes people over blow dry their hair. Some of these new styles look better if the hair is almost not quite completely dry because it makes it look a little messier. Leave a tiny bit dampness in it. Sometimes it makes the hair look a little bit more hip.

What are some must-have accessories needed to achieve a killer holiday party hairstyle this season?

DM: We are selling tons and tons of hair accessories right now. Jeweled headbands are very hot. We’re selling lots of really wonderful large rhinestone barrettes for the back of the hair and lots of side combs. Side combs are really great with these messy hairstyle because you can just kind of sweep it up with a side comb, and there you go.

We have hair accessories from $7 to $150. We have a huge collection of hair accessories. A lot of people don’t have them anymore and that’s kind of one of our specialties.

What’s the go-to style service an undecided client should get at L’Image?

DM: I would come in and get a basic blowout and talk to the stylist about options for parties and things like that. They can show you a lot of different things to do, quick little fixes to really change your hair up really quick. Lots of times it just takes a couple of twists with a curling iron or curling brush to change things up. I think just a good, basic blowout is a good way to start.

A normal blowout, if the hair is down, is usually around $45. For a fancy holiday style, it’s goes up to $85.

Who should a new client contact to set up an appointment or get more information about L’Image specials and services?

DM: They can go online or call 972-934-8080 and speak to Cremmen Peters, he’s always at the desk. He can always place people with good people. He’s been here a long time, he knows the drill!

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