Poo-Pourri: Smells Like Success

Poo-Pourri, a company located here in Addison, has become a nationally phenomenon with thanks to a very popular YouTube video. Photo courtesy Poo-Pourri.
Poo-Pourri, a company located here in Addison, has become a nationally phenomenon with thanks to a very popular YouTube video. Photo courtesy Poo-Pourri.

Some may already be familiar with one particular YouTube video that has recently gone viral – a young British beauty sitting atop a toilet, poetically reciting a rather audacious limerick. But, what is so outlandish about a lady with a sense of humor? Well, spilling from her lady-like lips are lines about nothing other than… poo – specifically, how to cover up the unpleasant odor left behind when you’re through with your business. This creative and hysterically bold ad belongs to Addison based company, Poo-Pourri.

Although the topic evokes a number of giggles from its viewers, the idea was to create a video with a greater level of “sharability,” claims Nicole Story, Poo Marketing Director at Poo-Pourri. “When you’re little, just hearing the word ‘poo’ makes you laugh. We tend to lose that as we get older – Poo-Pourri wanted to reopen the dialogue with a bit of humor.” In fact, the video was even made with media flexibility in mind, so as to create a buzz not only through YouTube, but also through audio mediums.

The process was tasking, but simultaneously enjoyable. After meeting with YouTube marketers, writers, film producers and artistic directors, the company opened up a casting call. Local actress, Bethany Woodruff, landed the part. From there, the team ventured out to Utah to put into action their creative concept. For two weeks, Poo-Pourri filmed their commercial, waking up at the wee hours of the morning to film in visually pleasing, scenic meadows about an otherwise stomach-turning topic.

But, as one might expect, their efforts certainly paid off. As advertised in the commercial, by the time the video was created they already had an initial four million sales. And, you might be curious where those initial sales came from if it was this particular advertisement that sparked such an incredible wave of interest and discussion. Creator Suzy Batiz took her product into boutiques, hospitals, convenient stores and more before the product ever reached this jaw dropping level of popularity. Simply put, Poo-Pourri flew off the shelves back in 2007. This commercial only increased the sales immensely.

Poo-Pourri founder Suzy Batiz. Photo courtesy Poo-Pourri.
Poo-Pourri founder Suzy Batiz. Photo courtesy Poo-Pourri.

The commercial alone has had 15 million views and was originally brought to the attention of consumers after the Huffington Post shared the ad. “We knew it would be talked about, but we didn’t realize it would be so quickly or that the Huffington Post would discuss it,” says Nicole Story. It has sparked an overwhelming number of direct consumer sales as a result.

Additionally, the unique advertisement has allowed individuals to voice their opinion about a topic people commonly shy away from. Story claims, “the amount of feedback has been exciting,” stating that many customers seem eager to applaud the product’s success.  But what differentiates Poo-Pourri from other bathroom sprays?

Poo-Pourri differentiates itself from other bathroom sprays because it doesn’t eliminate an already existing smell, but rather, it prevents the smell from ever escaping the toilet bowl; because “[their] business is to make it smell like your business never even happened.” So, where does this success story really begin? Well, as you may have guess already, it begins right here in Addison, home to founder and creator, Suzy Batiz.

Growing up, Suzy Batiz found joy in concocting a plethora of scents, sprays and essential oils for friends and family. But her hobby became a vital skill, when she realized a close relative continuously managed to clear a room every time they finished their “business.” For a nine month period, Batiz engaged in a trial and error process, hoping to relieve the bathroom of any unwanted odors – and finally, she did. As her relative emerged from the bathroom, they took one look at her and claimed, “I think we’re going to be millionaires.”

Now, I bet you’re wondering what is in store for this company. Will they be creating any more creatively crude advertisements? The answer is, yes. Poo-Pourri Marketing Director, Nicole Story, says they absolutely see more commercials in their future and perhaps even with the same actress, Bethany Woodruff. As for the company’s location Story says “Addison has always been home.”

Now that smells like… success.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see the hilarious Poo-Pourri YouTube video, check it out:

To find out more about Poo-Pourri you can visit their website.

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