Five Great Addison Parks to Walk Your Dog

Many Addison parks offer dog-friendly amenities. You and your buddies will have a blast at one of the following five parks!

As an owner of two dogs, I always like to discover new places to enjoy a walk with my best friends. Addison has more than 15 parks and trails to choose from, but we decided to highlight some of the ideal parks for a fun day with Fido.

Here are five great Addison parks that are perfect for walking your dog.

Bosque Park, 15675 Quorum Drive

With a name that means forest in Spanish, you know you’re in for an abundantly-treed park. Located near Addison Circle, this one-acre Addison park features beautiful red cedar trees, a lighted walking path and even pet waste dispensers. Talk about being dog-friendly!

Celestial Park, 5501 Celestial Road

Take a zen walk with your pal at this peaceful, 4-acre neighborhood park. Featuring a jogging trail, celestial quotation-stamped steps and a human sundial, this will be a beautiful sight for your eyes and an adventure for your buddy.

Les Lacs Linear Park, 3901 Beltway Drive

Do you have a water-loving, athletic dog? If so, head to Addison’s largest park to enjoy water and high-energy activities. This monster park features a lake, sand volleyball courts and gorgeous EarthKind roses trail gardens. If you and your companion are up for a long walk or jog, this Addison park connects to the 2.5-mile Redding Trail Loop.

Quorum Park, 16201 Quorum Drive

If you like to mingle with neighbors and socialize your little friend, this is the park to visit. According to the Town’s website, this is “one of Addison’s most popular parks.” You and your bestie will get to gaze at eye-catching fountains and enjoy a lighted walking path all while making new friends.

Redding Trail Dog Park, 14677 Midway

If you want your friend to enjoy a true dog park, look no further. This dog park accommodates tiny and big pooches by dividing the park into two sections: a large dog area and a small dog area. Large dogs are considered to be more than 30 pounds. Small dogs are considered to be less than 30 pounds.

Drinking fountains, benches and double-gated entries are featured in both areas, providing for safety and entertainment for both canines and humans. As with most dog parks, there are rules and regulations you should know before visiting. Basic principles like no smoking, no children under 12 and no food or dog treats in the off-leash area are some of the park rules. Call 972-450-2841 if you have any questions or would like more information.

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