Simply Ceviche

Ceviche is the perfect dish to cool you down on a hot afternoon.
Ceviche is the perfect dish to cool you down on a hot afternoon.

It’s important to go back to our roots once in a while, and there’s no tastier topic to take us back than Ceviche. This delicious entrée including fish, lime, salt and seasonings, dates all the way back to the Incas, who used fruit juice and chile peppers as a way to preserve their fish. When the Spanish conquerors waltzed in and added a touch of lime… an exceptional meal was born!

There’s no better time to indulge, than now, because nothing is more appealing than Ceviche on the beach! Light and refreshing, it’s a very popular choice during lunch or brunch. But in Texas it’s hard to find yourself on a Beach very often, so before you hit the pool in your backyard, swing by Lazaranda Modern Kitchen & Tequila, in Addison, for a delicious bite of an authentic. General Manager at Lazaranda, Doug Wright, knows that the best alternative is no alternative. “We take the real flavors of Mexico… we take the old and the new and fuse it together, creating modern culinary aspects to the food.” Well, I’d say they’re doing something wright over there, because Lazaranda is famous for this mouth-watering special.

So, what’s the secret that keeps customers flooding the restaurant? Let me put it this way, there’s a Ceviche dish for everyone. The picky eater, the adventurous eater, the strictly traditional eater – you name, they’ve got it! Lazaranda is always spicing things up a bit with their basic traditional Ceviche, tropical Ceviche, Aztec Ceviche, Acapulco Ceviche and the list goes on!

Are you itching to understand more? Are you craving a deliciously exact description of this experience? Just listen to Doug Wright, “You have to experience it to understand it, it’s a living entity. The vibrant flavors and uniqueness creates the experience.”

Better head over to Lazaranda Modern Kitchen & Tequila while there’s still some Ceviche left!

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