Remington’s Seafood Grill

Remington’s Seafood Grill is just one of the many amazing restaurants in Addison

The restaurants in Addison and the North Dallas Corridor are to put it simply, superb. And one of the top restaurants that everyone seems to love is Remington’s Seafood Grill. If you have not been there, you and your taste buds are truly missing out.

Originally named Oyster’s Grill and opened in 1979, Remington’s Seafood Grill is the longest operated, family owned restaurant in Addison. This family atmosphere is conveyed through the food and the vibes at Remington’s. Not only is Remington’s the longest family run restaurant in Addison, but it is also the longest standing seafood restaurant in Addison.

Bill Remington, the current owner of Remington’s Seafood Grill is originally from New Orleans. His former residence in New Orleans stemmed the idea for a seafood grill here in Addison because of all the seafood that is commonly used in New Orleans cooking. Because of Bill Remington’s New Orleans background, there are many dishes that have a Cajun flavor in them. One of the managers at Remington’s Seafood Grill noted that the Bill Remington “really enjoys fish and wanted to bring that Addison.” All of the seafood used at Remington’s is fresh and is delivered in four or five shipments daily.

The menu uses fish from the Atlantic Ocean, to the Gulf of Mexico, to Alaska. The overall fan favorite dish at Remington’s Seafood Grill is the grilled Gulf Red Snapper. Other fish include the Alaskan Halibut, Copper River Salmon, Soft Shell Crabs, Gulf Redfish, Whole Main Lobsters, North Atlantic Flounder, Honduran Tilapia, Haddock Walleye and more.  In addition to the fish, the items on the menu are made from scratch and in house. If you’re in the mood for seafood or great food in general, Remington’s Seafood Grill is the place to be!

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