How to Rock Skirts This Fall

Photo Courtesy to Zara.
Zara at The Galleria offers the most stylish skirts this fall.

If you’re looking in your closet every morning and all you clothes look boring, then it’s time to reassess how you rock your clothes. First things first are skirts. For any girl, skirts are one of the most essential parts of your closet. To keep your style spiced up, we will show how to rock the latest skirts this fall.

Play with Hemlines. Hemlines have gone berserk in the fashion world. When it comes to skirts these days, there are almost no more rules so it’s time to have a little fun! Next time you’re out shopping, look for skirts that have uneven hemlines because they are very in this season. Boring is definitely not a feature in skirts this fall.

The Trumpet Skirt. Trumpet skirts are the latest and sexiest style of skirt. Trumpet skirts tend to be tight around the butt area and the hemline flutters out.  Keeping your outfit simple is critical when wearing trumpet skirts. A color on the skirt is fine as long as you pair it with a simple blouse and shoes. The most important rule for wearing trumpet skirts is that the blouse you choose to wear comes in at the waist and can be easily tucked into the skirt. The Trumpet skirt is perfect for date nights and are a must try for skirts this fall!

Try the wraparound. Ever since Kate Middleton made her beautiful blue wraparound dress iconic, wraparound styles have become even more prevalent. Wraparound skirts add a great twist to the standard, boring skirt. Wraparound skirts are great for snappy dress code like usual work attire. They pair seamlessly with collared blouses because when they are tucked in, the wraparound conceals some of the scrunching of the blouse that arises when the blouse is tucked in.

Peplum Skirts. Peplum is definitely the top trend of this year. All tops, skirts and dresses can now be found in a peplum style. Peplum skirts should be soft and not thick because the peplum already adds extra material to the skirt. Embrace the femininity of a peplum skirt with a colorful or floral print. Boots, full tops and wedges should be avoided when wearing a peplum skirt. If you’re not sure what shoe to wear, a peep toe pump looks great with a peplum skirt.

All of these styles of skirts can be found at The Galleria on Dallas Parkway. Make sure to check out Zara, Ann Taylor, BCBG, Charlotte Russe and J.Crew!

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How to Rock Skirts This Fall

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