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Derek Lam RTW Spring Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week September 2012 

We are stepping into a season of bold colors and patterns and sexy throwbacks to decades past. Get ready to stand out this summer with fashions from all over the Corridor. Here, we will take a look at just the top five of the season’s hottest trends in fashion, hair and makeup.


 Graphic patterns to the max. Designers are continuing a trend of bold patterns this summer, a carryover from season’s past. Look for symmetrical swirls, geometric shapes, stripes of all kinds and busy prints.

The key to this trend is allowing the patterns to stand on their own. Tone down the accessories, if you wear any at all, and let the designs speak for themselves. Mary Katrantzou, Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten, all available at Corridor department stores, are encouraging men and women alike to go bold or go home.

Skinny pencil skirts and dresses. This is a staple item every woman needs to have in her wardrobe arsenal. The pencil skirt and dress, traditionally reserved for the professional gal, is breaking its way into everyday fashion. Christian Dior, Viktor & Rolf and Diane von Furstenberg, among many others, have designed a look that is both sophisticated and playful.

Pair a pencil skirt with a casual top for a dressed-down event or a night out with the girls. Add statement jewelry with a pop of color and you’ll begin to channel Audrey Hepburn with a deliciously modern, everyday twist.

Fluorescent colors. For several seasons, designers have been encouraging men and women to experiment with bright, at times fluorescent, colors. This summer is no different. Look for neon pinks and limes and pair them with more neutral pieces.

Sometimes, the best way to wear fluorescents will be with a killer statement accessory. Dayton Mast, owner of L’Image Salon and Boutique in the North Dallas Corridor, says bright summer scarves are a must.

“Digital print scarves with floral patterns, city scenes and equestrian prints are huge,” he says. Coral and turquoise jewelry are often the perfect finishing touch to give a toned-down look a shock of color.

Cheryl McDonald, owner of Julep Boutique, agrees. “Color is the strongest trend for summer fashion, especially shades of coral, orange, blue and green,” she says.

Look for Julep’s dress by Nicole Miller in orange for a bold color in a sporty silhouette.

Chic and simple whites. Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham are perfecting the white-on-white look. This summer, you’ll look fresh and fierce in layered white pieces. Pair fitted tees and camisoles with sheer white tops for an easy style.

McDonald recommends a black and white combination for day and nighttime looks. “Black and white is found is our Heather asymmetrical sheer blouse, white Rich & Skinny denim and a black sheer leather jacket by SW3,” she says.


Pairing blazers and deck shorts. While not every man is keen on the idea, the fashion gods have spoken. This look will make you look sporty and sophisticated at once. There are no rules when it comes to colors and patterns. This is a style that encourages a unique eye, so use your creativity to pair different hues.

Head over to Sebastian’s Closet at Village on the Parkway to find your staple blazer by Boglioli or Duchamp. While you’re there, pick up a handful of unique and eye-catching bracelets by M. Cohen to finish your look. That simple touch will take your style to a whole new level.

Bright reds and oranges. Colors are hot for men too this summer. Especially sizzling are reds and oranges. Bright colors like these can make and break your outfit, but don’t over think it. Be bold. Try a brazen orange shirt with slacks for the office or spruce up your tried-and-true suit with a red pocket square or tie. Even small bursts of color will make all the difference.

Tim Leamy of Sebastian’s Closet says that the colors can be bold down to the shoe. “The outfit goes south when the footwear is wrong,” Leamy says. “Today it is about color. Laces and soles in contrasting bold colors, washed leather in colors, slip ons, lace brogues and drivers in crazy bold colors.”

Navy-colored suits. Gone are the days of black and gray suits dominating the clothes rack. This summer, try on a navy blue suit for a different take on the everyday look. Tom Ford is championing this look on the runways, and can be found at North Dallas Corridor department stores.

Leamy states that the perfect pair with your suit is a pocket square, “Pocket squares, huge! Always a gentleman’s add on, but now critical component to any suit or jacket. Girls totally dig these small additions.”

White on white. This is a trend that shared by men and women’s fashion this season. Lighten up and dress down with casual shorts and a natural, white linen shirt for the ultimate guy next-door look.

To dress it up, pair white slacks or jeans with your favorite blazer and you’ll have a fresh look for just about any occasion.

Bold patterns. Here’s another chance to be bold, gentlemen. Embrace the patterns, whether in accessories or staple pieces. This is an easy way to add some spice to your wardrobe, and an eye-catching pattern can be just as effective as a bright color to give your outfit an interesting edge.

If you’re feeling especially daring, try mixing patterns. This is a trend we’ve been seeing for a few seasons, but it’s too interesting to move on. While this look leans away from rules and structure, one thing to keep in mind is to have one clearly dominant pattern, as well as patterns with complementary colors.


For men, swimwear this season will be getting a bit shorter and more fitted. Look for shorts that hit at the mid-thigh, and without the traditionally large and low-hanging inseam. With the tan you’ll have weeks into the summer, you’ll be ready to show off a little leg.

The days of baggy board shorts are slowly fading. Men and women alike are ready to see slimmer silhouettes for men’s fashion, both on the runway and on the beach. Another relatively new feature for men’s swimwear is zippers. Be done with the troublesome Velcro and have a less bulky look with this simple update.

For women, we will continue to see a draw toward vintage styles, specifically that of the 1950s. Look for high-waisted suits with more structured and supportive tops. Think Marilyn Monroe and embrace the style that will show off your curves in the best way.

Designers are also showing off bright colors and geometric patterns in their swimwear, along with graphic floral, exotic and animal prints. A feminine touch has been added as well, mostly to one-piece suits and monokinis, with some suits including knitted and woven elements. The focus this summer is on looking as feminine and healthy as possible, and the designers are making it easy! With ruffles, accessories and the pin-up style of the 50s, you’re bound to look and feel your best.

Find some of the season’s hottest looks in swimwear at Aqua Shop at the Shops at Willow Bend. With brands like Quicksilver and Roxy providing the latest styles of swimwear, plus unique and trendy sunglasses, you’ll be ready for summer in no time.

The store’s resident expert, Michael Keane, adds, “One word describes this summer’s swimwear trend: edgy. Whether it’s bright colors and accents, or an out-of-the-box cut, don’t be afraid to be daring with your beach gear. You’ll find everything you need, from neon colors to vintage cuts, at Aqua Shop located in the Shops at Willow Bend.”

Don’t forget to try their indoor surfing machine, the Flowrider, while you shop, and you’ll really be ready to hit the beach.


Your look isn’t complete until you’ve polished it with the right hairstyle and makeup. We’ve talked to experts in the Corridor about what’s hot and what’s not.

The Great Gatsby era, according to Sherri Wallingford-McCune, owner, designer and colorist at Swank Salon and Boutique, is playing a huge role in this season’s hair trends.

“Minimal is falling to the wayside this season,” she says. “The classic glam of cascading controlled waves to vamped- up big, shaken, deconstructed tousled waves, ponytails and knots abundant along side platinum blonde beehives.”

Mast is also alluding to this season’s trend toward vintage styles. Head to the L’Image boutique to find summer hair accessories for new, sleek updos, plus vintage-looking rhinestone barrettes and headbands. Our Corridor boutiques and salons will have you looking like a vision from the past.

For makeup, Meagan Vaden, key holder at LUSH Handmade Cosmetics at the Galleria Dallas, says the hottest looks for the summer will likely be more intense colors.

“Our staff has really been loving the Healthy eye liner (a lush green –also used as a darker shadow) paired with the Intuitive eye shadow (golden lime green) at the crease and the Lifted eye shadow (pale yellow) at the brow line with a bit of Fantasy overtop to add the shimmer,” she said. “Another popular look around the store has been our bright blues, using Motivation (two-tone peacock blue) or In Charge eye liner (royal blue) paired with Calm (turquoise) eye liner as a shadow all over the lid with Focus (shimmering pale blue) or Success (silver) as an accent color at the brow line.”

-By Michelle Devereaux


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