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It’s summer time! The season known for bathing suits, short shorts, no shirts, no shoes, no problems and sizzling styles. While you might want to cool yourself down, that’s not going to stop you from looking hot this summer season! It takes a lot of work to have your bathing suit body and here in Addison and the North Dallas Corridor, there are many professionals that can help you in every aspect of your image. Style, body and sculpting can help you make sure that you are hotter than the Texas summer sun and we know the people that can help you accomplish it!




Hot temperatures bring hot styles to the Corridor. This warmer season brings along warmer colors for both hair and nails and the style changes are influenced for a variety of reasons. We asked our experts across the Corridor what their customers say is their biggest motivation for looking hot with a new style. Weddings, graduations, vacations and social events were the most popular responses. These big events happen only once in a while, so when you take photos, you know you’re going to want to look good!


Your new summer haircut is going to be the number one item on your looking hot to-do list. Dayton Mast at L’Image Salon knows all the trends for this summer and can help your new look sizzle.


“Look for more women cutting their long hair to a more workable mid or short length,” Mast says. “The long, straight hair is giving way to smart, sexy, wavy mid length layered looks.  Also, for those who keep their extra long hair, look for them to pull it back and up in clean, sleek hairdos. These will be decorated lavishly with all kinds of hair ornaments, from jeweled combs to antique hair pics.”


The Corridor is host to many salons and barbershops that can help you with any new hairstyle. L’Image Salon, Grand Spa and Swank Salon are perfect places to have a stylist give you that new sexy look. Men need not forget to get their own hair cut. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center and Floyd’s 99 Barbershop are great places for haircuts designed for men.


“As it becomes warmer, we’re getting more requests for shorter looks,” says Jim McTeigue of Roosters Men’s Grooming Center. “Tapering is more popular and we see clients more frequently.  They prefer a cleaner, easier to manage style.  New styles this spring reflect reinvented looks from the 50s and 60s: pompadours or coiffed looks with a side part.   Many of our bearded clients will trim or remove their beards for the summer.”


After you have your new hairstyle, one of the most popular services for summer months is next on your list. “Waxing services are always a trend this time of year,” says Amanda McWhorter of Grand Spa. “Eliminating unwanted hair before going to a pool party or the beach is a must!”


Waxing helps you remove the unwanted hair on your body, which is perfect for the season for skin. Smooth skin will definitely help you look hot in your new bikini, tank top or dress. These services are not only popular for summertime, but they are quick and easy.


Bruce McGovern of the European Wax Center echoes this sentiment, “The Brazillian Bikini Wax is our No. 1 service for summertime. Our experienced Wax Specialists can have a guest in and out in 15 minutes.”


Next on your checklist is the glam in your style with cosmetics and spa services. Manicures, pedicures and facials are a popular summer treat and they can help you put the finishing touch on a great, bright new look.


Mast explains, “The most popular services as summer arrives are our spa pedicures and manicures.  Nails will continue to sport cool new colors like aqua, mint green and matte pewter.  Deep moisturizing facials like Guinot’s Hydradermie are a must for glowing summer skin.”


Facials, body scrubs and self-tanning are great ways to get your skin looking and feeling sexy as well. Moisturizing not only makes your skin feel soft, but it’s important to keep your skin healthy during months where you skin will see the sun’s harmful rays more often.


Patrice Murray of Perfection by Appointment says that matte lipsticks and eyelash extensions are another great way to spice up that sexy look for your next vacation or social event. The bright colors will not only make you look hot, but make sure others know it!


Grand spa can help with those treatments as well. “To get our clients ‘summer ready’ we recommend any of our luxurious body scrubs to hydrate their skin followed by a perfect air-brush tan to get them that perfect summer glow,” says McWhorter. “To help our clients feel HOT, we suggest booking one of new SkinCeuticals Body Treatments, currently we are the only spa to offer this treatment in the Dallas area.”


Now you have style for your hot summer look. That’s only step one, it’s time to get your body in shape!




You now have a new hairstyle, smooth and moisturized skin and hot new nail colors. It’s time to get your body to match. You want tight arms, legs, abs and glutes to match your new hot look and it’s not all about just going for a run. There are innovative new workouts to help you get the results you want and everyone will notice the next time you slip on your swimsuit.


Title Boxing is helping people get in shape and into hot bodies for the summer. Not only do customers see results, but flexible class times help fit into anyone’s schedule. “Our workouts and schedule are appealing because we have over 30 classes a week that accommodate anyone’s schedule and our workouts will burn body fat and tone muscles like no other workout,” says Mike Tufariello, Manager of the North Dallas Title Boxing Club. “Since the workout targets fat burning and muscle toning, members achieve two goals in each session. Since the Power Hour burns so many calories, members can still make big changes before summer.”


Workouts at Title Boxing can range from kickboxing sessions to regular boxing. It may not be your typical idea of a workout, but the results are there and people will notice! “Our workouts are a total body, muscle toning, fat burning workout every time,” Tufariello explains. “It’s successful and unique because it’s fun and gets results. Workouts fail because people get bored and don’t see results fast enough to keep them engaged. Title’s Power Hour is fun, intense, instructor led with a ‘team’ feel and workouts burn between 800 to 1300 calories. Several members have lost between 50 and 75 pounds since December and are gaining momentum with their workouts.”


Boot camps are a great way to get in shape or help tone people who are already in shape. Camps like Camp Gladiator bring a group outside and work muscles in many different ways, making sure you get a complete workout every day. Early mornings and afternoons aren’t easy when it’s cold, but when the weather warms up, it’s nice to spend some quality workout time outside!


“The warmer weather fits perfectly with Camp Gladiator’s saying, ‘take it outside,’” says Whitney Golston, one of Camp Gladiator’s trainers in the Addison area. “People tend to come out to camp more when the weather warms up to both morning and evening locations. There is more energy out at camp because of the larger numbers. “


Camp Gladiator also benefits its members with convenience. Not only are there multiple locations in the Addison area meeting six days a week (mornings and afternoons), but members who sign up may attend an unlimited number of sessions per four-week camp anywhere in the state of Texas. While you are attending camp, don’t expect a military style boot camp when all you hear is yelling. These camps are go-at-your-own-pace, but don’t be fooled, the workouts will keep your muscles moving and tone your whole body. “Trainers get very creative with their workouts and have some of the best equipment to use out at camp as well,” Golston says. “From time to time, you might see an obstacle course but don’t be surprised if you show up to one of our locations and you see tires, water jugs, sandbells, battle ropes and so much more. This keeps the creative juices flowing because we never repeat workouts at CG. You see it once and won’t see that concept done again.”


If you’re looking for a little luxury while still getting your body in shape for your hot look, Telos Fitness Center might be your cup of tea, or should I say cocktail? Everyone knows it’s hot outside during Texas summers and Telos Fitness Center can help cool you down even while making you look hot!


“Everyone wants to get in shape for summer and out of the brutal TEXAS HEAT, so we see more people coming in to work out,” says Kari Allen of Telos Fitness Center. “We are always trying to help people look, move and feel their best, but in the months leading up to Summer, high intensity training, tanning and eventually the pool/café/bar are our biggest draws. We actually have quite a few customers who have a whole summer routine of workout, steam/massage and then time by the pool with a cocktail… we LOVE becoming a lifestyle component.”


Telos also offers yoga, pilates and high-intensity workouts and even an Aqua Fitness class in a 25 meter outdoor pool. This takes fitness outside in the sun while still staying cool in the comforts of water.


Whatever the preference, your body is going to look hot for the summer with any of these great fitness options.




When your body is almost to your hot look standards, sculpting your body can help you with those last finishing touches. Smoothing your skin with non-surgical procedures can help remove that last bit of fat, cellulite or unwanted bulges. You don’t need to leave the Corridor to get expert treatment from these great skin professionals either. They’re right in your backyard!


Dr. Tanya Reddick Rodgers of Skin Specialists of Addison knows that the last bit of fat on your body may not go quietly. There are popular and effective ways to get your hot look just right! Coolsculpting is the most popular procedure Dr. Rodgers sees as the temperature rises.


“Coolsculpting, a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical, fat removal device for body contouring has been on the rise since the start of the new year,” Dr. Rodgers explains. “This is a virtually painless way to get rid unwanted bulges that may otherwise be resistant to dieting and exercise.  This technology literally freezes away fat, causing the cells to die a permanent death, setting it apart from other non-surgical treatments, which only dehydrate fat cells and allow them the opportunity to enlarge again.”


One of the great things about these procedures to help sculpt your body so you are looking hot is that they are non-surgical and non-invasive. That means your trip to see these skin experts will result in the look you want, not unnecessary surgeries.


Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin MD and Beyond knows that as the temperature rises, layers of cloths can no longer hide parts of the skin we didn’t want others seeing. Luckily there is a great solution for it!


“As the spring comes to an end, and we emerge from under those layers of clothing, the reality of the loose skin and ‘crepiness’ on our arms, stomachs and thighs becomes more evident,” says Dr. Wright. “But my patients don’t worry as they will be starting their skin tightening treatments to get rid of the unwanted aging that they can see.  For skin tightening, ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments can effectively tighten loose skin on the body.   At our clinic, the 3DEEP Radiofrequency Device is designed to stimulate new collagen growth and elasticity.  The unique technology with our 3DEEP system is that it allows for the energy to travel deep into areas that other machines cannot reach. This causes the skin to contract and tighten while stimulating new collagen production, bringing fresh tighter new skin to the surface.”


Dr. Ho of Beautiful Faces Dallas tells us the popular summer procedures for which he sees clients are usually in preparation for a social event, wedding or class reunion. “Body contouring procedures, such as liposuction and cellulite treatment, are very popular as summer approaches and people are eager to look great in their warm weather clothing,” Dr. Ho states. “In addition, minimally invasive injectable treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, are in demand to refresh one’s appearance for important social events, such as weddings and reunions.”


Dr. Rodgers shares the same sentiment about customers getting ready for social gatherings. “The summer season is much longer here than it is in many parts of the country, leaving many more opportunities to try to look one’s best for all sorts of gatherings, from a little league baseball game to an afternoon pool party,” she says. “My patients want to enjoy these affairs blemish-free and with total confidence.”


Yes, it’s summer time, but the temperature won’t be the only thing looking hot this season. With your new style and body , you are ready for the Texas summer. Break out your bathing suits, tank tops, dresses and short shorts because you are looking hot this summer!

-By Addison Magazine

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