The New Medical Hub of North Texas


1112 The New Medical Hub of North Texas

Addison and the North Dallas Corridor have always been a great place to seek medical help. Not only are the services provided some of the best in Texas, but the location the Corridor provides makes it easy for patients across North Texas to find care without having to go into busy Downtown Dallas and provides easy access with many of the major highways coming right through this area. Many new businesses have come into the area within the past few years and are continuing to grow.

Corridor’s Prime Location

One of the overwhelming praises Addison and the North Dallas Corridor receive from not only medical practices, but all businesses, is the prime location in the Metroplex. The Corridor can be reached from any part of North Texas very quickly and easily, which makes it such a great place for doctors, hospitals and centers. Not only the location, but the quality that comes with the location as well is very helpful to new medical centers.

Chris Shoup, President of Methodist Hospital for Surgery, explained that even after interviewing multiple cities for a location for the hospital, Addison was a clear choice. “Not only was there prime real estate along the Tollway available for our center, but Addison was eager to work with us to help us ensure we could get our hospital built quickly and easily. Addison was the first city to help us make sure that we could run three crews during construction and exhibited a can-do attitude, which is ultimately why we chose this site. Addison was the clear choice for our hospital project.”

Medical Growth

The medical community in the Corridor has been growing for quite some time, but recently it has begun expanding much more rapidly. Residents and doctors alike have noticed the change, including Dr. Charles Wallace, who happens to have lived in the area and started a practice here. “I grew up around the corner in Richardson and went to medical school here. I’ve had the opportunity to see the medical community grow up with the addition of the Methodist Hospital across the street from my practice with many more facilities coming up within just a few miles. Even most of my staff has been with me for over 10 years so not only have we taken care of our patients as the community has grown, but we will continue to be here for them in the years to come.”

As the medical community continues to grow, new centers and specialists don’t have to be here very long to feel the impact of this new medical hub. Tarik Rodgers of Skin Specialists of Addison echoes the sentiments of a growing community and a great environment for the medical field. “Since our July grand opening, Skin Specialists of Addison has had an amazing experience and has received enormous support from the overall community. The Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Addison has been extremely welcoming and supportive as we have received visits from top town officials including Mayor Meier. We feel very welcomed and confident that opening an Addison location was the right decision.”

Into the future, the Corridor’s medical presence is going to get even stronger. There is currently construction going up next to Methodist Hospital for Surgery on the Tollway. The 80,000-square foot four-story building is a significant milestone for the Methodist Hospital for Surgery and will have a retail pharmacy, a pain management surgery center, a family practice and primary care group and offices for the hospital physicians. The center will be completed by March 2013 and is just an example of the rapid growth the Corridor is experiencing.

-By Sam Nicholson

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