Book Review: Texas Got it Right

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Sam Wyly, local business owner, author, renewable energy advocate, and successful entrepreneur has just released his newest book, coauthored with his son Andrew, titled “Texas Got It Right!” It is a riproaring, fact-filled paean to the great state of Texas and the people who call her home.

I particularly enjoyed the various biographical profiles of some the great historical figures and guiding lights of Texas. There is, of course, the necessary profile of Sam Houston, as no book that includes any Texas history would be complete without it.

While it is, by necessity, only a snapshot of the great warrior and statesman, one can see where the reverence that Texas holds for iconoclasts and bold leaders originated. That description would apply equally to Governor Ann Richards and Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson as well, two prime examples of public servants whose contributions have made Texas a better place to live. There are many such profiles in the book and they are all informative and intriguing, and all give a good idea of the reasons so many mavericks and characters have decided that Texas is the place they call home.

The authors take great joy in promoting the advantages of the open business climate, entrepreneurial spirit, and inventive energy that reigns in Texas, and comparing it to those places, that they feel, are missing the proverbial boat. They believe that the rest of the country is mired in practices that are not conducive to fostering and fledging new businesses and investment.

According to Sam and Andrew one of the most serious issues affecting the advance of business and economic recovery are the overweening regulations imposed by the federal government and individual states to the detriment of their constituents. Sam and Andrew advocate that commonsense regulation and the reduction of red tape and taxes on capital investment will create more opportunity help reinvigorate the engines of commerce in America. And finally in the words of Sam Wyly, environmental entrepreneur, “Choose Wisely; It’s A Small Planet. Texas has proven that conservation and growth can go hand in hand.”

By Mark Billingsley

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