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The styles men and women really want to see on each other (and some they don’t). 

For as long as fashion has existed—from the time Adam and Eve picked out their first fig leaves —there has existed a mystery about what men and women most want to see on their partners. OK, that may be a little extreme, but it’s surely been a long time.


We are tired of the wondering. We can’t solve the mystery for every couple, but we thought we’d take it to the masses and ask our readers and fashion retailers to tell us what they really think. And boy, did they. Here are just a few of the many (and very spirited) responses we received to the question: What do you most and least want to see on your significant other?


He Said…


What catches my attention and intrigue is a woman in a short dress and heels, particularly dresses that are vibrant and colorful. A woman in a bright-colored dress portrays that she is out to have fun, has confidence and is down for whatever. Heels are important because they give a sexy dimension to a woman and complete the look. I think I am ready for ballerina shoes to go away.


How do you do it?


So he likes a girl glammed out, huh? No problem. Here are some of spring’s top trends for going out.


Dresses for spring are carrying over trends we saw in the fall as well. High slits in dresses and skirts are still a great way to take your outfit to the next level of chic. As the weather begins warming up, pair a high-slit dress with a cotton tank and you’ve got a sophisticated, sexy look.


The peplum dress silhouette continues to grace us with its presence this spring. Just a refresher—a peplum dress or skirt has fabric that is built up higher in the hip area to give the illusion of a very thin waist and curvy hips, and in a really good way.


The ’60s are also with us again, with all its “Mad Men” glamour. High waists and fitted bodices are a great way to show off a stunning figure.


New to the scene is 1920s fashion. That’s right. Say hello (again) to the flapper dress and undeniable sassy curls. Look for low-slung waist lines and loose-fitted skirts and dresses and head to your nearest speakeasy.


The most important trend for dresses this spring is probably the abundance of color. Find a color that makes you feel sassy and confident. Then, rock it with your favorite pair of heels.


He Said…

I love to see a woman who may not be the most glamorous, but who is comfortable in her own skin, whether she’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt or an evening gown. I just like to see her personality come out in what she’s wearing. I like a lot of bright, cheerful colors.


How do you do it?


Finding the best look for you is something that can be done any time of the year. Hot colors change with each season, though, so there are a few to watch this spring.


“At Neiman Marcus, we are excited about spring trends,” says Marcus Wyss, vice president and general manager of Neiman Marcus, The Shops at Willow Bend. “Pink and yellow are the top colors of the season.”


Also on the palette this spring is cheery orange, Tiffany blue, grass green and poppy red.


She Said…


Men should not wear flip-flops of any kind.


How do you do it?


They’re easy and they’re quick, but are flip-flops (a.k.a. thongs, sandals, mandals) really the way you want to present your feet to the world? Our experts seem to think there’s a better way.


Tim Leamy, of Sebastian’s Closet, thinks men need to rethink and, at the very least, update their shoe choices. “Now is the time for us guys to work on our own footwear,” he says. “How we dress has changed quite a bit these days—or should have.”


Leamy says the entrance of a slimmer, tidier, less-is-more look and a more relaxed ethic in the work place means that shoe styles need to change as well. “The old stuff really does not work; it can totally wreck a cool outfit,” he says.


One of the hottest trends in men’s shoes is a refined, classic boot to go with a sleek suit. Look for names like John Lobb, Mark Nason and Bottega Veneta when you’re shopping in the Corridor. These designers have looks that are appropriate for work, but that also have a flair that will set your style apart. Look for clean, slick leather and suede that will complement all kinds of professional attire.


Also gaining in popularity are detailed leather dress shoes. BOSS Black has several styles that add a dynamic element to a clean look. A great suit is the foundation of a businessman’s style, but his shoes are what can really make a statement. Even if you are more conservative when it comes to work attire, take some risks in your choice of footwear. It can take a standard look to the next level.


She Said…


I like to see guys in suits or tuxedos—dressed up!


How do you do it?


OK, men. Suits are never out of style. You just have to find the right one for your body type and purpose. Trends are hotter than ever this season.


The newest look on the runway for suits is a less-fitted silhouette. Some designers are opting to drop, and sometimes lose altogether, the shoulder seams. While this isn’t a look that can be pulled off by everyone, you may see it making its way into your favorite stores.


A clean, fitted suit will likely never be out of style, so if you’re looking to wow a room, go with a straight-leg, slim-cut suit with some killer shoes and you will take her breath away.


The Experts Said…


In addition to asking our readers, we also polled our fashion experts and retailers and asked them what they have experienced in their time finding the right clothing and accessories for men and women. They had a lot to say and jumped at the chance to chime in and give some free advice.


Leamy has something to say to both men and women. For the ladies, he urges that your age (and the expectations that come with it) be thrown out the proverbial window when it comes to choosing your wardrobe.


“Within reason, and that might be the trick, we totally shun the concept of age appropriate,” he says. “This is the assumed license to stay in ruts and not move into the current. It’s truly a mindset, not chronology! If you want to rock that outfit, do it. Show some creativity and spirit; and if you need a bit of help getting it right, ask.”


Leamy’s biggest beef with his fellow man? Quit being lazy with your wardrobe!


“Sadly, it is rare that the male puts much of an equal effort in their presentation,” he says. “But maybe yet more sad is the fact that these great-looking women accept this poor effort. Now that is sexist! Demand better. We all deserve a visual upgrade.”

Colin Blackmon, of Bachendorf’s, would like the general public to steer clear of Ugg boots and over-sized earrings. And frankly, we tend to agree.


Mindee Zack, of SH-OP, says what most retailers – or image consultants, as she calls them – would agree with: Style depends on the person being dressed. What looks best on one person may not work at all for the next.


“We need to address men and women according to their body types and their financial situation,” she says. “In order to have repeat business, we have to be honest with customers, each and every one of them, even if it means missing out on a sale. By treating people in this way, we are creating trust and friendships.”


Another piece of advice for the men: Groom yourself.


“Being groomed properly is another major component in looking put together,” Zack says. “Men, spend that extra money on a grooming kit or visit your local barber or beauty shop regularly. Just like guys like to see well-groomed women with their nails done and their hair styled without different color roots showing, women like their men put together well, too.”

By Addison Magazine



“I do not like seeing guys in skinny pants, if you are a guy and you are proud of your skinny legs, you are not a guy.”

– Stacy Hawkins


“Nice skin is a must. Hate large tattoos and multiple piercings. Like cute boots for fall and winter. Cashmere sweaters.  I like to see my guy in a nice shirt, no collars, very suave and sophisticated, yet looking like he is comfy too.”

Elizabeth Goldman


“I hate seeing guys in super tight pants or pants that hang off their rear end. I like guys with longish hair-but still groomed and trimmed – not wild or too long. No mohawks!

Jody Hanson


“My favorite thing to see on a guy is a sharp well fitted suit and tie. My favorite thing to see on a girl is a dress and high heels and fashion hosiery. 

Debbie Staggs


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