New Year, New You

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Every year, millions of people commit to a New Year’s resolution of leading a healthier, happier and fitter lifestyle. Unfortunately, whether it’s due to a lack of time, money or effort, very few actually follow through with their resolutions.


Addison and the North Dallas Corridor offer an abundance of weight-loss, fitness and healthy living programs and options for anyone looking to make 2012 a healthier year. But before making a commitment to change your life, learn about your options. Doing so will help you find something that both meets your needs and fits into your lifestyle, giving you the best possible chance for success.


Gyms, Trainers & Boot Camps


Joining a gym is one of the most popular roads to losing weight. And with an abundance of local and convenient options like Addison Athletic Club, 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Lifetime Fitness, Addison citizens have a plethora of choices in location, cost and quality. Gyms such as these often offer personal training services as well, allowing you to have work one-on-one with a certified trainer who can tailor a workout regimen to your unique needs.


Another workout option that’s on the rise lately is the boot camp. Boot camps are a group-style workout class, usually done three to five times a week at the same location, often outdoors. They typically combine a series of cardio and strength-training exercises designed to help campers lose weight as well as tone up and gain muscle strength.


The Transformation Boot Camp is one such local option. A four-week program, Transformation includes exercise training as well as meal plans, nutrition help and even an audio series that helps campers make lifestyle changes.


“We have helped thousands of men and women lose weight and inches, gain strength and confidence and, quite literally, transform their lives for the better,” says Rachel Volmer, instructor for Transformation.


And, she added, anyone is a good candidate for the camp.


“Transformation focuses on the Perfect Pace Principle,” she says. “We give all campers the same exercises, but allow them to work at their perfect pace. This allows every camper to get in an awesome workout while listening to the needs of their bodies.”


Clinical Weight Loss Programs


Clinical weight-loss programs usually offer a combination of services designed to work together cohesively to help users lose pounds, increase health and just generally improve their quality of life. Local clinical weight-loss programs include the Living Well Health & Wellness Center, which offers weight-loss programming, exercise coaching, nutrition counseling, massage and even acupuncture, and Equilibrium, which offers a unique medical weight-loss plan called the HCG Diet.


“The HCG is a supervised metabolic weight-loss program,” says Denise Foster, clinic director at Equilibrium.


“Equilibrium utilizes a hormone produced during pregnancy called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that when combined with a low-calorie diet can create a potent and effective weight-loss solution,” Foster says. “HCG has long been shown to create weight-loss in areas where there is excess fat storage while maintaining lean muscle mass and keeping patients feeling satisfied without hunger.”


“At Equilibrium, however, it’s not just about the diet,” Foster says.


“We focus on teaching patients the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary to accomplish long-term weight maintenance,” Foster says. “It is our passion and joy to partner with our patients to look better, feel better and live longer!”


Betty Murray, founder and CEO of the Living Well Center, says the Center takes a holistic and personalized approach to each of their clients.


“Our approach to weight-loss is medically designed based on the biological and individual needs of the client,” she says. “This includes evaluating hormonal issues, nutritional imbalances, stress, sleep and lifestyle. We then design a unique and individualized nutrition and exercise program for the client.”


Murray says at Living Well, they realize that weight-loss isn’t just about the food. “Weight-loss is not just as simple as calories in and calories out,” she says. “Stress, lifestyle, work, relationships and emotions all contribute.”


“Living Well aims to help clients find their balance between all these things,” Murray says. “We help clients eat according to their unique biochemistry,” she continued, “and help them bring balance to their life, so food and diet takes its proper place in life: as a form of nourishment rather than a source of pain.”


Living Well even offers TORC Plus, an FDA-approved system that uses bioelectrical stimulation to balance hormones and painlessly slim the abdominals.


“Clients experience an average of 3.1 inches over the abdominal area in one visit and up to an average of 12 inches over six sessions,” Murray says. Living Well is the only provider of TORC Plus in the Dallas area.

-By Aly J. Yale

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