Fall Fashion Trends

Ready to wear Fall Winter 2012 Giorgio Armani Milan February 2012

Fall is fashion’s hottest season, so we just couldn’t forego our fashion trends guide this issue. We’ve put together a list of the trends that men and women need to know. Happy shopping!


Outerwear for the fall is taking on a unique new shape. Many designers have opted for peplum blazers, coats and vests. In case you’re unfamiliar with peplum, it is the use of an over-skirt or ruffle on the outside of the clothing that give a boost to the shape of the piece. This look gives a super-feminine silhouette.

Colors and patterns are bold for fall. The classic solids will always be in, but this season, designers are using mustard yellow in just about every piece from outerwear to skirts to bags. The catch? You must have the right skin tone to get away with this color. A similar color trend was seen mostly in coats. Designers have embraced rust-colored outerwear that gives a pop of color for the colder months.

Other popular colors are red for just about any fashion piece, jade green in dresses and tops as well as bright neons in pants.

The patterns of the season are polka dots and camouflage. Use both of these styles with caution. If done right, your polka dots will give you a flirty look, and camo can give you an edgy style in all the right ways.

This season, fur is back. You will see this trend mostly in outerwear. Look for long coats and swanky shawls for fall and get in touch with your fancy side.

Fall has taken a turn for the comfy. Long maxiskirts are all over the runway this fall. This casual look is being paired with slightly oversized sweaters. The look is casual and very feminine. Some skirts are also featuring a (very) high slit in the front to show off some leg. This is a great way to dress up a more casual maxiskirt for evening.


Relaxed Silhouette
The biggest trends for men are seen in tailoring this fall. For some time, “skinny” has been the buzzword in men’s fashion. Some – but certainly not all – designers are leaning toward a more relaxed cut in both casual and formal wear. Many are sticking with the tailored look with a trim waist and slim pants, but there is a growing number of designers who are giving men a boxier look.

To do this the right way, it’s all about balance. Either pair a moderately-relaxed jacket or top with a moderately-relaxed pant, or pair an oversized jacket with slim pants or vice versa. The most important element of this style is confidence.

Going along with this relaxed silhouette is the introduction of the seamless shoulder. This is seen in both jackets and shirts this season. The seamless shoulder essentially doesn’t have a stitch line in the traditional place – at the edge of the shoulder. This lack of stitching creates a slim shoulder line that adds to the relaxed look of menswear. Along with this look is the deep shoulder seam. These pieces will have a shoulder seam, but it will be dropped a few inches down onto the upper arm, adding to the oversized coat style.

Also seen is the tapered trouser. These pieces feature a baggier waist and crotch area that tapers down to a slim leg. Many of these pieces will feature prominent pleats for a really relaxed look.

This fall, menswear is seeing a surge in geometric shapes and color blocks. These are usually in either bold or muted colors. Some designers have begun using paneling techniques to create striking pieces that manipulate the silhouette.

Outerwear is taking on a very futuristic look this fall. Many will feature rounded shoulders and funneled necklines with very structured silhouettes. Most of these looks will come in relatively muted colors – look for whites and grays.

-By Addison Magazine


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