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Designer: Cia Maritima Miami Swim Fashion Week 2011 Miami July 2010


It’s that time again! The weather is warm, and the sun is shining in the North Dallas Corridor. Whether you’re swimming or sunbathing at the pool, lake or beach, it’s time to find your perfect summer swimsuit. We’ve put together some of the season’s hottest trends for men and women.

For the ladies

Summer 2011 is seeing an explosion of bold, beautiful looks in swimwear. Sleek and subtle is still very in, but the newest looks are attracting a more confident crowd with colorful and sometimes wild prints, styles and embellishments.

Patterns & Prints

We’re not suggesting that solid-color swimwear is out for this season. If you want a simple, cool look poolside, sometimes a clean look is exactly the direction you should go. However, this season’s runways were full of powerful patterns and prints that are grabbing attention from just about everyone.

Some styles have more subtle patterns and others are a kaleidoscope of color and prints. What you choose will depend on your body type and taste. This season, there will be a plethora of floral and geometric prints. Don’t be afraid to make a bold move when it comes to your suit. You will be in good company.

Also look for ruffles, bows and other fabric details. When you add these elements to an already-lively look, you will have a look with a lot of personality and flair.

Make sure that your wildly-patterned suits maintain structure on your body. Perhaps look for a solid strap or a solid-colored, sheer cover up to keep a sophisticated look.

This summer, designers are getting excited about mixing fabrics, textures and styles. Gone are the days of matching your suits. If you’re looking at two-piece suits, try pairing neutral bottoms with floral tops or vice versa. Have fun with your look, and don’t worry about clashing your mix and match separates. Show off your quirky personality!

In mainstream fashion, we’ve been seeing a resurgence of looks from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The same goes for swimsuits this season! Look for prints and fabrics with a ‘70s boho vibe, like Native American prints and flower child styles. The ‘60s looks will be more about the soft floral patterns, fringe accessories and earth tone colors.


Another major trend we’re seeing this summer is a raw, tribal look. Animal prints paired with chunky accessories are white hot. Also look for large geometric prints with bright but natural colors like deep oranges and teals.

The tribal look is all about accessorizing, so look for statement jewelry like gold bangles, cuffs, unique statement necklaces and white sunglasses.


Designers are playing with built-in swimwear accessories. Often, that means adding some hardware to your look. It can be anything from a metal ring at the front of the bikini top or at the sides of the bottom. Hardware can make an otherwise-simple look absolutely stunning.

If you’re going to wear a suit with hardware, make sure your accessories match the style. Look for more bohemian-styled sandals and jewelry. Another thing to remember is to get swimwear featuring hardware that won’t rust, crack or get hot in the sun. Your look shouldn’t be painful, so find hardware with smooth curves.

Another option is to look for suits with golden threads or dye. This will give you the illusion of the shine that real hardware brings to the suit. Giving your look a little extra shimmer this summer will go a long way.


We’re seeing vintage looks come out in the form of ’60s and ‘70s prints and bohemian styles, but the runways were also full of vintage cuts. Designers seem to be taking cues from previous generations and are creating looks from decades past.

These vintage styles are giving women a boost of sexiness and sophistication without the need to show more skin. If you want to keep some mystery at the pool this summer, look for high-waist suits and slightly-extended bottoms.

Designers have been playing with this look for both one- and two-piece suits. They are covering more skin, but seem to be revealing a whole different kind of subtle, sophisticated beauty remnant of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s.


Spring fashion trends were all about color, and summer swimwear trends are following suit. Runways were absolutely bursting with bright patterns and fabrics. Some of the hottest colors were burnt orange, blue-green, turquoise, bright pinks and olive green.

We suggest leaning more toward toned-down shades that will still give you a bright look, but with more class. Last year, the super bright colors of the ‘80s were very present in swimwear, but they’ve been a bit muted for 2011 to achieve a classier alternative.

While bold colors are dominating runways, you can rely on the tried and true blacks, browns and grays when looking for your perfect suit. These are colors that will always be in style and will give you a very sophisticated look. You can also try this season’s neutral tans and nudes. Just dress it up with some hot accessories and you’re set!
Styles & Shapes

Cuts and styles of swimwear will remain relatively true to seasons past. You can be looking for the staples: Bandeaus, monokinis, one-shoulders, cutouts, bikinis and one-pieces. As we mentioned, a more full-coverage bottom of the ‘50s has been added to the ranks, which gives you a sophisticated pin-up style with a lot of subtle sexiness.

One of the season’s hottest styles is the cutout one-piece suit. They give you the opportunity to show some skin in all the right places, while allowing you to stay relatively covered up. If you’re looking for a cutout suit, make sure that you get one that is cut out in the right place. Be mindful of your body shape and accentuate the areas you’re most comfortable with.

The other huge trend is the one-shoulder look. This is a style we saw a lot of last summer, and it’s back again! You can achieve this by finding a one-shoulder suit with either a thicker, more-structured strap or a thin, barely-there strap. Both will give you a versatile look.

Embellishments & Details

This season, along with bold patterns and prints, designers are leaning toward embellishments and details that give a dash of femininity to your look. Find a suit with a fun texture or ruching, ruffles, studs, braiding, sequins, fringe and metal and wood hardware.

If you want to follow this trend, look for a more simple suit, whether one- or two-piece. That way, the added embellishments won’t overwhelm your style. Having a suit with bright floral patterns and pairing it with a lot of extra details will give you an overpowering look that won’t be flattering.


Cover-ups this season are going sheer and colorful. Designers seem to be favoring loose, light and blousy dresses and tops to get you from home to the pool. Look for a lot of sheer fabrics with soft designs. You can try light cotton, crochet, lace or mesh – anything that will give you a soft and sweet look.

The jumper has made its way on to runways this summer as cover-ups. They should still follow the soft and blousy trend for cover-ups. Jumpers can be a great and easy transition from the pool to a restaurant.

For the gents

Men’s swimwear trends generally evolve at a very slow pace. This summer, however, we’re finally seeing some major shifts in styles for men. Similar to suits for women, men’s styles are getting bolder and a little more daring.

High hemlines

The biggest trend for men this summer is a high hemline. A trend of the past, designers are looking to see a little – or a lot – more leg at the pool this summer. In general, swim trunks are rising to volleyball short length, or to about the mid-thigh.

Long, baggy board shorts are still on the scene, but we suggest trying something new with this season’s style. High-hemline shorts don’t have to be too tight and uncomfortable. Find a pair that is forgiving and looser. Designers have created more sporty styles with piping to give you some structure and lines as well.

Our piece of advice? Get your legs tanned and toned, and be ready to show them off!


Men’s swim trunks are also bright and bold this summer. As with women’s suits, colors like orange, red, turquoise and green are very hot. Find a color that complements your skin tone and then wear it confidently.

For those with a thicker mid-section, it’s important to know that darker colors will be more slimming and flattering for your body type. Look for black, dark browns and greens and grays. Along with giving you a trimmer look, these colors are always in style.

Patterns & Prints

We know that for years, many swim trunks for men have featured large flower prints in one and two colors. We suggest retiring this exhausted look. Instead, lean toward more dynamic, small prints and patterns with a lot of color – but don’t overdo it. Subtlety is key.

Also, look for color blocks on swim trunks this summer. Often they will come from a patchwork of materials and can give you a more dynamic look. You can be a little bolder with the color if you go this route – just make sure that you keep the number of colors to a minimum, so you don’t end up with an overwhelmed style.

Snap Front


A preppier version of the swim trunk for men is making its way onto runways this summer. It’s similar to a tennis short and gives the illusion that you’re wearing actual shorts. They come with a snap front waist and sometimes even a zip fly.

This style of shorts is generally going to have a higher hemline as well and will leave people wondering if you’re headed to the lake or to the clubhouse.

-By Addison Magazine

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