Spring Fashion 2011

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Ten Rules for Spring Fashion

The spring fashion runways were filled with styles that will energize your wardrobe and challenge you to think creatively. We have seen the shows and made our notes, and we are excited about what spring 2011 will bring.

Women’s Trends

Trends for women are both daring and classic. And by classic, we mean a throwback to styles of decades past – with a fresh twist, of course. Here are some of the most prominent women’s fashion trends for spring 2011.

‘70s throwback
The ‘70s were an unstructured time where the bohemian ruled all. Style was about comfort and freedom with a dash of sex appeal. Today, designers are pulling from that time to create looks with every bit as much freedom, but with cleaner, crisper and sleeker silhouettes.

Jeans have seen perhaps the most influence of the ‘70s look. Skinny jeans have ruled the runway for years, but the times are changing. Enter high-waisted, wide-leg and, in for the more daring soul, bell-bottomed jeans. They’re back and trendier than ever. Pair them with a tucked blouse, a thin belt and wedge heels and you’ll be mastering your throwback style with a modern touch.

Other ‘70s-inspired frocks will be bohemian peasant blouses and floor-length skirts. Also reminiscent of the flower-child years are the flouncy layers of light, earth-toned fabrics. Stick to fabrics like silk and satin for a feminine touch.

Japanese inspiration
The grace and sophistication of traditional Eastern styles made their mark on spring runways. Kimono-style wrapping will be seen, along with wild and colorful Japanese prints. Also, look for cropped pants paired with long tunics and vests.

In this trend, structure meets sophistication and will give you a look suitable for any occasion.

Color favorites
Colors this spring are bold and daring. The most seen color is orange, from rust to citrus. This hue is brightening up every look with a splash of warmth. Some designers are taking color to the extreme and featuring blocks of bright, almost-neon colors like teal and blue. Others are using bright yellows in dresses and blouses. Your clothes can make a statement. And they absolutely will when you strut your stuff in eye-catching colors.

On the other side of the spectrum, neutral colors have held their own on the runway. We’ve seen this trend take off in the past few years, and it’s with us again this spring. Choose a neutral color that is complementary of your skin tone. If you feel washed out, try wearing a neutral bottom with a darker, solid-colored top.

Along with the wild and colorful trends this spring, many designers are getting back to the basics and creating dresses, skirts and blouses with a simple and sophisticated look and feel. In seasons past, there have been a plethora of embellishments and details adorning much of our closet. This spring, designers are creating pieces with cleaner lines, solid colors and lighter fabrics.

This spring will see a surge in crisp, white pants, blouses, dresses and jackets. Distractions have been cleared away and you are the star of your wardrobe. Look for tailored suits with stunning simplicity and pair it with one piece of colorful jewelry and you will look professional, stylish and classy beyond belief.

This spring, designers are making it easy to look stunning and feminine. Sheer fabrics and lace are making a comeback. Runway looks paired sheer fabrics over solid, simple tops, so you can be whatever level of modest you’d like. This look provides coverage, yet gives you a feminine, sultry look.

Lace is a trend that is slowing making its way back into our wardrobes. Make sure you keep this flirty and feminine, rather than frumpy. Lace can be sophisticated if worn correctly. Look for tailored lace dresses and tops that give you a clean, beautiful silhouette.

Military minded
The military look has been dominating the runways. The structure and confidence of a military-inspired jacket, vest or dress is something you will want to invest in. Pair the structure of a military top with a more feminine, flirty bottom and you will have the perfect combination.

Another trend that has stayed with us for the past few seasons is the nautical style of dominant navy and white stripes. When planning your outfit, make sure the stripes are the boldest element. These work great as mini-dresses, oversized blouses and sweaters. Nautical stripes pair perfectly with spring’s bell bottom pants to create an ideal ‘70s-inspired look.


Men’s Trends


Men’s fashion saw a movement toward simple, subdued designs and colors. But don’t worry. Wearing these trends will not make you either simple or subdued. Spring is ushering in a season of classy sophistication you can’t help but love.


Suit up
Men’s suits are taking on a more casual, classic feel on runways this spring. Look for suits in light cream colors for a simple and uber sophisticated look. Linen is a very popular material with suit designers. Don’t worry about the wrinkles – those seem to be on trend as well.


You will also see the return of double-breasted suits. These originally came in boxy cuts, but this season, make sure you get a slim cut. This will broaden your shoulders and slim your waist. Avoid a boxy silhouette at all cost.


Three-piece suits are on the scene again as well. The important thing to remember is that this suit should be cohesive. In decades past, men were able to wear waist coats that did not match the fabric or design of the rest of the suit, but things have changed. Look for wool, cotton or linen suits with waist coats that have V necks that cut down between the sternum and the top of the rib cage, which will give you a trim waistline.

Muted color
The most popular colors on the runway this spring were white, blue, cream, navy and olive. Men’s fashion has taken on a beautiful simplicity this season that allows the fabrics and cuts of clothing to be highlighted and appreciated. At times, runway looks were almost completely monochromatic, but the result was stunning, not boring.


Muted colors were seen in men’s jeans this season as well. While we’ll never fully get away from the standard blue denim jeans, more popular colors this spring are gray, white and light blue. Skinny jeans for men are definitely still in, but as always, we ask that you wear them with caution.


The pattern

Patterns are out in full force this season as well – from checks to stripes to plaids and prints. A throwback to our retro American style, gingham is very popular and a great way to bring subtle texture to your clothes. Other patterns are modeled after Native American culture.


More main stream looks will feature bold checks on everything from jackets to shorts and pants. This gives you a casual, preppy look. Plaids and stripes have been with us for a few seasons, and they’re here to stay this spring. Bold, navy nautical stripes are the way to go.



Comfort and style are what designers have created for men’s casual shoes. Leather sandals were all over runways, from slip-ons to criss-cross toe patterns. The most important thing is to find sandals that are made with quality and class in mind. Don’t buy your sandals with the beach in mind. Your sandals should be a style that you can wear with linen pants or dress shorts. This is a great way to take it up a notch at spring backyard parties.


A relatively new style on runways is men’s Espadrilles. These are canvas, rope-soled shoes that were originally inspired by Spanish and French designs. Espadrilles go well with a casual outfit and will give you a unique flair.

-By Addison Magazine

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