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Addison and the North Dallas Corridor aren’t all restaurants and theatre. There are global companies in our neighborhood that are changing the world. We searched them out and want to show you their creations.

Oryon Technologies, LLC
4251 Kellway Circle, Addison / 214-267-1321 /

North Dallas Corridor-based Oryon Technologies, LLC has created innovative next-generation technology in electroluminescent lighting based on 55 patents and nine years of research and development. Elastolite® is a micro-thin, durable, malleable, crushable, washable, water resistant 11-layer film that can be applied to almost any basic material and is functional in temperature ranges between 4 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The basic technology involves electrodes exciting a phosphorus layer that generates a bright illumination with no heat build-up. A nano particle silver thread connects to the power source, which is usually an alkaline or rechargeable battery that functions much like a cell phone.

The product has debuted in several guises. Oryon is developing products with multi-national American and European companies in occupational safety, fashion, sports apparel and gear, costume design, child safety and more. Additional research and strategic alliances predict even more innovations with smaller footprints and lower costs, permitting Elastolite® to be used where light was not previously feasible.

Oryon recent partnered with Disney to create the light embedded into the costumes worn in the newly-released Disney movie, “Tron: Legacy” and the lit Adidas shoes made especially for Disney. Quantum Creation FX, Inc. participated with Disney in the research and development for “Tron: Legacy.” In their research, they discovered Oryon Technologies’ Elastolite® lamps and a partnership began.

The costume-build and subsequent on-set work was intense and complex. The costumes were an amalgamation of multiple processes including sculpting, mold-making, foam casting, computerized electrical components and the lighting source from Oryon. “Tron: Legacy” was the first movie to incorporate Oryon lamps and technology into special effects costumes.

Owner and Project Producer of Quantum Creation FX, Inc., Christian Beckman, says, “We took the lighting of the suits very seriously. We commonly refer to the costume-build as ‘making lights with suits around them,’ meaning that we had to really take into consideration all the aspects, processes and construction of these costumes from design all the way down to the casting of the foam material that the costumes are made of with the lighting and wiring in mind the whole time.”

Along with their Hollywood debut, Oryon’s Elastolite® technology has made its way into the mainstream marketplace. Their lighting was the keypad illumination in the RAZR Motorola phone and the light in Nike running jackets as well. It is also the light in couture shoes currently being introduced by Edmundo Castillo. Elastolite® will also be featured in the upcoming Spielberg television series “Terra Nova,” premiering this fall.

In the coming months, Under Armour will unveil a jacket developed with Oryon technology with the inclusion of an Elastolite® system. The jacket is water-resistant, temperature tolerant from sub zero to 120 degrees, washable, dryable and extremely sturdy. The Under Armour logo will be lighted front and back by Elastolite® technology.

Research and development at Oryon Technologies is managed by a diversified team with significant experience in engineering, operations and marketing. Richard Marcus, Oryon Technology’s chief executive officer, says there are countless ways that Oryon’s Elastolite® technology can be used. He foresees their light being used for safety purposes, such as on outdoor athletic apparel and shoes, imbedded through in-molding and compression molding into keypads on laptops and on remotes and plastics for corporate logos and identity.

There is a good chance we will be seeing Oryon Technologies making a huge impact in the years to come with their breakthrough technology.

Peerless Manufacturing Co.
14654 N. Dallas Parkway, Ste. 500, Dallas / 214-357-6181 /

North Dallas Corridor-based Peerless Manufacturing Co. was founded by Donald Sillers, who invented the Peerless Type “M” Natural Gas Odorizer in 1937 after an explosion at a New London, Texas, school killed 295 children and teachers in 1936. This explosion would not have happened if the leaking natural gas had been odorized and the people in the school were able to smell the leak before it was ignited.

Sillers is the cornerstone upon which the company was built. His patented designs revolutionized the separation of foreign contaminants from natural gas and made possible the delivery of clean safe fuel for use in homes and businesses. His development of devices for odorizing natural gas helped remove fears of gas accumulations that could lead to disastrous explosions. His odorizer invention was listed as a National Mechanical Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1992.

The same ingenuity and dedication to excellence that characterized the early years at Peerless remains unchanged today. Whether in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency steam dryers for nuclear power plants, natural gas compressor station emergency blow down silencers, or in systems for the treatment and storage of natural gas, Peerless continues to uphold the spirit of innovation and quality that forms their heritage.

Today, Peerless Manufacturing Co. is a global company with offices in the United States, England, Canada and China. Peerless has four manufacturing facilities in the state of Texas, a new China fabrication facility and a global network of sub-contractors. Products are designed and produced within two divisions – Environmental Systems and Process Systems.

The Environmental Systems division makes Peerless the world leader in the design and supply of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems which are applied to process exhaust systems to transform Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.  SCR applications include gas turbines (simple cycle and combined cycle), package boilers, process heaters and other combustion processes used in industrial areas from food production to electrical power generation. To date, Peerless has provided more than 800 SCR systems on different process equipment throughout the world. Out of that total number, 573 units have been installed in the power generation simple cycle and combined cycle applications.

Peerless’ Process Systems division designs and supplies a wide range of compact, high-efficiency filtration and separation equipment, pulsation bottles, industrial silencers and custom heat exchangers.  They serve the energy industry around the world in oil and gas production, petrochemical processing and power generating facilities to protect capital equipment, improve plant efficiency, suppress noise, and provide conditioned fuel gas. Recently, Peerless has cooperated with the major nuclear power technology providers to develop optimized steam dryer separation systems for the efficient use of steam for power generation. Throughout the world, most of the nuclear plants going into service as part of the “nuclear renaissance” are based on the use of Peerless designs. Peerless supports efficiency and capacity upgrades at existing nuclear plants with retrofit and replacement systems that extend the life of these facilities.

Peerless products and services are consistent leaders in dependable performance, thorough engineering and high-quality materials.

Quantum Performance
13700 Diplomat Drive, Farmers Branch / 972-620-4440 /

Quantum Performance specializes in the professional maintenance, repair and modification of American classic, muscle and custom vehicles. In fact, their qualified team of technicians offers extensive mechanical experience and has a proven track record working on many of today’s prized collections.

Quantum Performance’s expertise ranges from the Classics to the latest models rolling out of the assembly plants. But don’t let their mechanical expertise fool you. They love to be behind the wheel just as much as they like being under the hood. They’re passionate about cars – and have a long history of maintaining, building, racing and just enjoying them.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Quantum Performance is that they are also a factory-authorized Shelby Mod Shop providing the best in Shelby performance and design for 2005 or newer Ford Mustangs. They are one of only three Shelby Mod Shops in the United States. Their clients come from all over the country to have Quantum Performance modify their GT-500 and 6-cylinder Mustangs in the Shelby shop.

In a less than three years, Quantum Performance has modified more than 100 cars into Shelby authorized vehicles.

The Shelby Mod Shop does modifications on 2005 and newer Mustangs in their 21,000-square-foot facility. To create an authorized Shelby vehicle, clients bring the mechanics at Quantum Performance their post-title GT-500 and 6-cylinder Mustangs and choose one of two Shelby packages to be installed on their vehicle – either the Super Snake or Terlingua conversion.

Both packages offer Shelby performance upgrades to the suspension, wheels and tires and super charger. They also offer unique styling upgrades, like hood replacement. The Terlingua package includes an impressive graphics package with the distinct Terlingua rabbit on the hood. The Super Snake package includes stripes and a gauge pack as well.

Once the modifications are complete, the vehicle is registered in Shelby databases and it becomes certified as an authorized Shelby vehicle.

Meggitt (Addison), Inc.
4554 Claire Chennault, Addison / 972-407-1234 /

The North Dallas Corridor is a hub of high-quality aircraft and aviation. The Addison Airport (ADS) was completed in 1957 and was sold to the Town of Addison in 1986. Today, it is the third busiest general aviation airport in the country and boasts a runway of 7,200 feet.

While it may be the area’s pride and joy, the Addison Airport isn’t the only company in the North Dallas Corridor making major leaps in the aviation industry.

Meggitt (Addison), Inc., formerly Keith Products, was founded in 1968, when JB Systems began the vapor cycle air conditioning systems product line in Longmont, Colo. It has since had four owners, was consolidated in Addison and was most recently bought by Meggitt PLC in 2006 and integrated it into its Meggitt Control Systems group.

Meggitt (Addison), Inc. has 66 employees who have business jet, jet trainer, light aircraft and helicopter vapor cycle air conditioning systems down to a fine art. Their work can be seen on the current production Cessna 172R/S, 182S/T, T182T, 206H and T-206H, Learjet 40/45 & 60 series and light twin-engine planes such as the Cessna 300 and 400 series, Piper Seneca II PA-34-200T and Navajo PA-31, SocataTBM 700 and Raytheon’s Hawker Beechcraft KingAir B-200 and B-350. Helicopters like the Bell 206, the TH-57 and 67, the Eurocopter EC-120 and 135 and the Sikorsky S-76 carry the company’s innovative cooling systems as well. Keith Products’ integration engineering expertise has resulted in the largest product listing of Supplemental Type Certificates for air conditioning units worldwide.

The Meggitt (Addison), Inc. Set and Forget system for the Sikorsky S-76 represents a major leap in rotorcraft cabin and cockpit climate control. This first-generation, computer-controlled vapor cycle air conditioning and bleed air heating system enables the flight crew to simply set the desired cabin temperature, leaving the system to operate in air conditioning or heating mode to deliver it. The microprocessor-controlled unit receives temperature inputs from several cabin and cockpit temperature sensors, modulating the heating and air condition systems so pilot workload is decreased and flight crew and passenger comfort level rises.

Meggitt (Addison), Inc.’s mastery of integrated vapor-cycle air conditioning for business jets, light aircraft and helicopters is almost unrivalled and demand for its products has never been higher. While it designs and makes many components, including the compressors, condensers and evaporators that represent the beating heart of any system, its customers are buying a complete package—components, system design, test and Federal Aviation Administration certification—and one that is capable of series production.

The design-manufacture-certification timescales unheard of in other parts of the aviation industry are common at Meggitt (Addison), Inc., helped by an excellent relationship with the FAA.

About 70 percent of Meggitt (Addison), Inc. sales involve complex systems to cool passengers and avionics for OEMs to install on production lines. The rest of the business is dedicated to retrofitting existing aircraft, from single-engine piston airplanes to twin engine jets and helicopters, with neat, off-the-shelf systems that deliver automobile-style comfort.

For the future, Meggitt (Addison), Inc. intends to stick to its knitting. The last financial year has seen a leap in sales of 25 percent—the fruits of  pre-acquisition labors—and they are working hard to make sure the pipeline stays full with new, high-quality programs.

Addison Coffee Roasters
15012 Beltway Drive, Addison / 972-404-1145 /

Addison Coffee Roasters is a small, family-owned roaster of specialty coffee. Richard Duncan owns the store, with his wife Kaethryn, and has been in the coffee business for more than 30 years. They have only three employees who are all coffee geeks with years of experience as baristas and roasters.

Addison Coffee Roasters started out as a coffee and gift store called The Coffee & Tea Trading Co. and was owned by Sal and Jackie Calabrese. The first location was in Prestonwood Mall in Addison in 1979, long before the coffeehouse craze. They bought their first roaster in 1984 and roasted the first batch of coffee in October of that year, putting them in the forefront of the coffee industry in North Texas. At that time, Richard was managing the retail store and became the company’s first roaster and green coffee buyer. After Addison Coffee Roasters was created, he was made a minority owner of the company and took full ownership about three and a half years ago, when Sal retired at age 78. After the mall containing the two flagship stores closed, they decided to get out of retail and focus on roasting the beans for others.

Addison Coffee Roasters were among the first companies certified to roast Fair Trade coffees, and they offer several varieties.

Addison Coffee Roasters offer beans from all over the world, including Africa, Indonesia, Central and South America, India, Jamaica, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. They use a traditional gas-fired drum roaster and roast the coffee in small batches to bring out the best flavor from the beans. The beans are brought in 60 kilo (132 pound) or 70 kilo (155 pound) burlap sacks, usually on pallets of 6 to 10 bags. Hawaiian Kona coffee is purchased directly from a small, family-run farm in Hawaii, and they roast the coffee only after it is ordered, and generally ship or deliver the coffee within a day or two of roasting. That way it is at its peak of freshness and flavor when it reaches their customer.

Most of the single-origin coffees are roasted to a full-city, or medium, roast. Richard says this is the roast that best brings out the character of the individual bean. He says that the darker the coffee is roasted, the more the taste of the roast takes over and mutes the character of the bean.

While Addison Coffee Roasters loves the “classic” beans – from places like Brazil and Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala, Kenya and Ethiopia, Sumatra and Sulawesi – they also love seeking out lesser-known origins. There are many countries producing small quantities of excellent coffees that have somehow managed to fly under the radar. Some of the roasters’ favorites are from Bolivia, Rwanda and Flores. Richard says this is “a tiny Indonesian island that no one has ever heard of, unless they are into anthropology.”

“Our latest find is another treasure from Indonesia, called Bali Kintamani Natural,” he said. “It is a dry-processed coffee, like Yemen Mocha, and drinks like a hybrid of a good Sumatra and a good Ethiopian Harrar, with a deep, full body, gentle acidity and a distinct hint of blueberry in the aroma and taste.”

Richard says the world of coffee is always changing, and it is these special discoveries that keep the business fun and interesting.

While much of their focus is on high-quality single-origin beans, Addison Coffee Roasters also offer a wide variety of quality blends, espressos, decafs and flavored coffees.

Addison Coffee Roasters beans can be found at area stores like Central Market (in the bulk department), Sir Elliot’s Tobacco and Coffee and Cigar Shop & More. They also have clients in Oklahoma, Louisiana and work with churches and bookstores. While their business is primarily wholesale, Addison Coffee Roasters do welcome individuals at the roasting facility, and offer a limited variety of fresh coffees for sale, as well as teas and syrups.

“We have become sort of an underground destination for those who seek truly fresh coffee, despite our limited hours and obscure office-warehouse location,” Richard says. “We are also one of the few places locally where home roasters can find a variety of green coffee beans.”

4321 Airborn Drive, Addison /  972-931-3200 /

North Dallas Corridor-based AirBorn was founded in 1958 manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace markets. Throughout the years, their customer base expanded to include connectors for commercial applications in fields such as medical technology and commercial aviation.

The connectors that AirBorn produces are essential building blocks in electronic systems; they provide a method to quickly connect and disconnect electrical components.

AirBorn has become well known all over the world for their value added services and the quality of the products they supply.  They have international operation locations in London, Shanghai, Tokyo and a network of dedicated distributors and sales representatives world-wide. They are a global source for products and technical design assistance where it counts.

AirBorn provides products and services for six major markets including Aerospace/Avionic, Industrial, Defense, Medical, Geophysical and Automotive. The products and machinery that use AirBorn technology are ones that we see in our everyday lives.

AirBorn connectors are used in a wide variety of applications, like military aircraft, radar systems, missile guidance and control, vision systems and armored vehicles. Commercial uses also include medical testing devices, aircraft avionics systems, oilfield drilling equipment, communications, satellite technology and space exploration.

-By Addison Magazine

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