Spring Beauty 2010

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We have all heard the old adage: “Beauty comes from within.” We hear it, but our lifestyles often show that we don’t necessarily believe it. We might curl and coif our hair, cover our dark circles with an incredible concealer and get the most stylish accessories, but these are not the whole picture of beauty.

It’s only when we have taken care of ourselves emotionally and spiritually that the outward beauty techniques will really make us glow. We have put together a beauty regimen that starts from within and finishes with the finest techniques and styles for giving you a flawless exterior.

Beauty sleep.
One of the most important things you can do to ensure your beauty is shining through to your exterior is to get plenty of sleep. This is a culture in which sleep is often the first thing sacrificed in a busy schedule, but it is perhaps the one thing that should not be sacrificed at all.

Lack of sleep makes it more difficult for the body to deal with stress and it lowers productivity – not to mention the dark circles and haggard look it puts on our faces! If you want to have the glow of youth and vitality, beauty sleep should become a non-negotiable element in your day.

Yoga/Meditation/Exercise. Many, if not most, of us spend much of our days carrying either a little or a lot of stress on our shoulders. This stress is wreaking havoc on our minds and bodies. Stress is often very visible on our faces and posture, so preventing and dealing with stress is very important in our beauty regimen!

Hear from Massage Envy about how massage can make you more relaxed and receptive to your day, and get some tips from Sunstone Yoga and Gaia Flow Yoga in the following pages about how the practice of Yoga can help you cope with the many stressors of everyday life. Getting adequate exercise is invaluable to working toward having the mind and body you crave. Spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising and meditating, and you will begin to feel your stress melt away – and maybe even a few pounds!

When well rested and relatively stress free, the task of beautifying yourself on the outside will be much easier. Making an appointment with the skilled experts at places like Grand Spa and L’Image Salon is as easy as picking up the phone. They will perfect your hair, skin and makeup and send you out the door runway-ready.

Your smile will be serene and relaxed after you’ve taken care of your emotional and spiritual needs. Whitening your teeth will make that smile all the more engaging and beautiful. You will hear from Da Vinci Teeth Whitening in the pages to come about how easy it is to have a contagious smile.

The final touches on your new look and feel are accessories, of course. And sometimes, fashion is practical! Take care of yourself by renewing your prescription glasses, and then pamper yourself by getting brand new, stylish frames from Habacker’s Bespoke Eyewear.

We know that inner beauty and outer beauty are not mutually exclusive, but let’s be honest – we often don’t give either the attention they warrant. If you care for yourself on the inside, you will see outward effects, and everyone knows that a day of pampering to make yourself beautiful on the outside will give your self-esteem a major boost. Dedicate time every day to self-care and the journey toward healthy minds and bodies.

-By Addison Magazine

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